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Anshun is located in China's Central Subtropical Zone, thus the climate is mildand the average temperature is between 14C (about 57F) –16C (about 61F).The highest temperature in summer is 26C (about 79F) andthe lowest temperature in winter is 4C (about 39F) makingit a great place to visit throughout the year.

If you plan on visiting the Huangguoshu Waterfall, it is best viewed in the summer months when it is at its most majestic and vigorous point (between July and August).The best time of year to see the Dragon Palace Scenic Spot is during spring (ideallyin March). At this time hundreds of flowers blossom in Dragon Palace, includingthe golden rape flower, pink peach flower and white pear flower. Moreover, theannual Rape Flower Cultural Tourism Festival is held at Dragon Palace throughout March.

Many types of local folk performances of the Buyi Minority and Miao Minorityare held daily - including the Tuanjie (comity) Dance and Bamboo Pole Dance, which the visitors can participate in, and the Di opera, which is praised as Living Fossil of Drama by foreign friends.


Tiaohua Festival is one of the most intriguing Guizhou Minority Festivals. It is held during the first month of the lunar calendar, put on by the Miao Minority. 'Tiaohua' means 'Ganpo' in Miao language. During this festival, boys and girls of the Miao Minority put on their finest traditional clothing,and boys play the lusheng (an instrument) while girls dance to the music around blossoming trees. Activities include a crossbow shooting competition, needlework competition, climbing pole competition, and martial art performance.

Baishu Festival (also called 'Sacrificing Mountain God') is one of the traditional festivals celebrated by Gelao Minority on the third day of the first month of the lunar calendar each year. For this festival, a one-meter high, one-meter wide hut is erected under the manito tree (thousand-year-old tree) using birch branch, and small, colorful, triangular flags are hung on thetree. The pigs, sheep, and chickens that will be used in the sacrifice are guided around the tree three times before being slaughtered. The candles and joss sticks will be burned afterwards while those participating in the ceremony worship onbended knees, praying for the blessing of the Mountain God.

Ox King Festival is a shared traditional festival celebrated by the three mainminorities Buyi, Miao, Gelao in Anshun. The Buyi Minority celebrate this festival on either March 3rd or April 8th of the lunar calendar every year, and is commemorated by sacrificing and bringing gifts to Ox King (such as the five-colored stickyrice meal). The Miao Minority often celebrates this festival during April and June of the lunar calendar, referring to it as 'Tiaomihua Festival'. For Gelao Minority this festival occurs on October 1st of the lunar calendar (said to bethe birthday of the Ox King) at which time they feed their farm cattle by hanging glutinous rice cake on their horns.

Changxin Festival is also called 'Chixin Festival'. It is celebrated by three area minorities - Buyi, Miao and Gelao, but most celebrated by Gelao Minorityon July 7th of the lunar calendar every year. The old in the village will guide the young to select ripe melons and fruit along with corn, all of which are then placed under an old tree. Then they will slay chickens, pigs, or sheep, in sacrifice to their ancestors and the manito. After the sacrifice, they will set off firecrackers, sing folk songs and perform martial arts. During the festival, people from Gelao Minority will free captive animals mainly including wild animal and fish.

Fast Facts

Area: 9,269 square kilometers (about 3,579 square miles)
Population: about 2,550,000 (until 2004)
Nationalities: Han and ethnic minority groups such as Miao, Buyi, Gelao, etc.
Area Code: 0853
Zip Code: 561000

Useful Numbers :
Civil Aviation Anshun Booking Office: 0853- 3220247 (3224848)
Railway Station Enquire: 0853- 3293295
Passenger Transport (Long-distance Bus) Station Enquiry: 0853- 3222169
Tourist Complaint Telephone: 0853-3281747

Emergency Numbers:
Ambulance: 120
Anshun People's Hospital: 0853- 3222131
The First People's Hospital of Xixiu District: 0853- 3220999
The Second People's Hoptial of Xixiu District: 0853- 3228000
Anshun Traffic Hospital: 0853- 3346999

Anshun People's Hospital: No.22, Hongshan Road (East), Xixiu District
The First People's Hospital of Xixiu District: No.47, Tashan Road (East), Xixiu District
Getting there: Bus No.3 passes by Tashan Road (East).
The Second People's Hoptial of Xixiu District: No.28, Xichun Road, XixiuDistrict
Anshun Health Hospital for Women: No.44, Dongjiao Road, Xixiu District

Bank of China provides the foreign exchange for the visitors. The following is some branches' address in Anshun City:
Zhonghua Road (East) Branc: No.56 Zhonghua Road (East)
Youyi Branch: on the first floor of Bei'an Building in the north section of RuofeiAvenue
Minzu Restaurant Branch: No.1, Fengshan Road (West)
Getting there: Buses No.1, 9, 11, and 15 pass by Fengshan Road (West).
Railway Station Branch: No.1, Nanshan Road

Post Office:
Anshun City Post Office Nanhua Road Branch
Address: Nanhua Road, Xixiu District
Getting there: Buses No.9, 11, 15 pass by Nanhua Road Crossing.
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Questions & Answers on Anshun Travel Tips
Asked by Ms.Debby from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 30, 2009 01:13Reply
Could you tell me how to reach the Dragon Palace Cave from the downtown of Anshun? Xie xie.
Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.Evelyn from CHINA | Jun. 30, 2009 20:05

You can go to the local West Bus Station to take a bus to the Dragon Palace Cave. The buses leave every 30 minutes. The ticket price is CNY5. Or you can find a minibus to the Dragon Palace Cave near the local Railway Station.
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