Tongren Dining

Tongren cuisine is slightly salty and notably not spicy. There are many different kinds of snacks which are very inexpensive. If tourists stay with local residents in farmhouse style accommodations, they can sample the local chicken and potherb.

Tongren offers many local dishes: Pickled Corn Powder in Chili, is a special pickled dish which tastes sour and hot after stir-frying. Stir-fry Black Bracken & Preserved ham is famous in the Mt. Fanjingshan area, where the dish originated, and is very chewy. She Meal is a type of local dish that is made for "She Day", which is the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar. This entree is made of sticky rice, preserved ham, shallot, southernwood, peanut kernel, and walnut kernel and tastes delicious! Tourists who like seafood will enjoy a local dish called Stir-fry Beach Escargots, which is a favorite in this region. It is highly recommended.

Snacks are the featured food there and most visitors will find them tasty. Crispy Rice Noodle is similar to Liang Pi (a medium width, long flat noodle served in garlic, vinegar, soy sauce served cold), a snack well known in Xi'an. Another favorite is Mung Bean Noodle, a well-known snack in that region, which is made from rice and mung bean and tastes spicy and soft. It has the function of curing a fever and is popular in summer. In addition, there are many other Ciba (glutinous rice cakes), such as Miancai (a kind of vegetable) Ciba, Deep-fried Ciba, and Sticky Rice Steamed Bun. Of these, Miancai Ciba is usually served when entertaining friends and guests -- especially at holiday events such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Day and Double Ninth Day. Tongren Ciba is synonymous with festive celebrations, and the local people often bring Ciba when paying a New Year's visit because Ciba is the symbol of good luck.

Tips: Many delicious food and snacks may be found at the night fair. Please refer to the nightlife for additional details.

Local Restaurants

Qianxi Restaurant
Address: Huanxi Road

Chengongguan Restaurant
Address: No.25 Huanxi Road

Luyang Restaurant
Address: No.1 Gongqing Road

Lvzhou Restaurant
Address: No.66 Xinhua Road

Western-style Food Restaurants

Victoria Western-style Food Restaurant
Address: Shangmao Cheng (trade town) section

Tongren Dule Cake House
Address: Xiao Shizi (Small Crossing)

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