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Tongren is located in the inland of Guizhou Province and has a typical subtropical humid monsoon climate. It is therefore hot in summer and warm in winter, and is rich in rainfall. The annual average temperature is about 13C (55.4F) - 17C (62.6F). Because of its low altitude, Tongren usually has the highest temperature of anywhere in Guizhou during the summer, which is usually about 42.5C (108.5F). Although the summer is hot, the forests of Fanjing Mountain are cooler, meaning tourists can enjoy their stay through all seasons in this region.


The Dong Minority has the largest population among the 24 minority groups in Tongren Region. They live on rice, corn, wheat, sweet potato and jowar and like beef, pork, shrimp and pickled meat or vegetables. They drink sweet wine and Oil Camellia which are considered appropriate for guests. Dong cloth, flax and silk are the preferred materials for clothing among this people. Their special festivals are as follows:

She Day is celebrated by the Dong Minority on the fiftieth day after the beginning of spring. On this day, members of the Dong eat the She Meal which is made of sticky rice, shallots and preserved ham.

The Double 3rd Festival (also called Gan'ao or Shechang) is celebrated on March 3rd of the lunar calendar. People dress up in festive clothing and sing traditional songs.

The Double 6th Festival (also called the Changxin Festival) is the day on which fresh rice, melon and fruit, fish and meat are offered up in homage to the forefathers of the Dong people.

The Tujia Minority holds the second largest population among the groups in Tongren and is one of the oldest groups in the region. They live on rice, corn and food made from sticky rice such as glutinous rice cakes, sweet rice wine and stir-fried rice. Their special festivals are the same as the Dong Minority.

Fast Facts

Area: 18,023 square kilometers (6,959 square miles)
Population: about 3,800,000
Nationalities: Han, Tujia, Miao, Dong, etc.
Area Code: 0856
Zip Code: 554300

Useful Numbers

Tourist Complaint (Tongren Tourism Bureau): 0857- 8236760
Consumer Complaint: 12315  0856 - 5283354
Weather Forecast: 121


The Bank of China provides the easiest foreign exchange service for tourists. Tongren has the following Bank of China branches:

Shizhong Small Local Branch
Address: Minzhu Road
Qiaotou Small Local Branch
Address: Gongqing Road

Post Office

Tongren Region Post Office
Address: Xiangyan Road


Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
Address: No.13, Minzhu Road
Tel: 0856-5223252

People's Hospital 
Address: No.125 Jiefang Road, Chengguan Town

People's Hospital of Wanshan Special District
Address: Jiefang Street, Wanshan Special District

Questions & Answers on Tongren Travel Tips
Asked by CSKHOR2001 | May. 11, 2017 23:20Reply
Will it be crowded if visit Mt. Huashan in August, maybe during weekday?
Answers (1)
Answered by John from UK | May. 14, 2017 22:53

It will be okay to climb Huashan at that time. You are advised to take enough water and food when you climb the mountain.
Asked by Calvin Chua from SINGAPORE | Sep. 26, 2015 06:19Reply
Are there any golf courses in Tong Ren?
If there isn't any, where is the nearest one?
Thank you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Ronas from INDONESIA | Sep. 27, 2015 22:42

No, there is no golf course in and near the city. The closest one I know is at Zhangjiajie, around 300km away. The golf course near Tianmenshan Scenic Area is popualr and offers great courses and services.
Asked by Calvin Chua from SINGAPORE | Sep. 23, 2015 10:02Reply
I am thinking of visiting Tongren. Which is the best hotel in terms of value, services and location?
Answers (3)
Answered by Grace from IRELAND | Sep. 23, 2015 22:15

I suggest you live near Dashizi area, the most prosperous place in that city. Here are several ideal hotels around the area for your reference.
Jinjiang Hotel, located at No. 8 South Jinjiang Road.
Huiteng Business Hotel, located at Jiangnan Road.
Jolly Kaiyue Hotel, located at No. 41 of Gongqing Road.

The price of these hotels are about CNY200-300, and they all have complete facilities. Have a try.
Answered by Calvin Chua from SINGAPORE | Sep. 24, 2015 08:23

Grace, Thank you so much.

If I want to stay in the city for a longer term, I would like to buy an apartment. Where do you think I can get the information from?

Thank you!
Answered by Grace from IRAQ | Sep. 24, 2015 19:57

If you want to buy an apartment, you should turn to the real estate company, and I know a Shiji Real Estate company which has a lot of house resources, you can contact with them at (0856) 5221555. Good luck.
Asked by Andreas Steiger from SWITZERLAND | Feb. 12, 2015 12:19Reply
Is there a bus from the museum in Lintong to the airport?
I am planning to arrive from Beijing by train. The way back I want to take a flight, from Xi'an airport to Beijing. Is there a convenient way, e.g. by tourist bus, to reach the airport in the evening from the Terracotta Warriors museum?
Answers (1)
Answered by Dona from CANADA | Feb. 12, 2015 19:58

As far as I know, there is no bus that can take you to the airport from the scenic area unless you hire a private car.
You can go to Lintong Bus Station. There are five direct buses to the airport. But the schedules respectively are 08:00,11:00,13:00,15:00 and 17:30. According to your departure time, there is no long-distance bus.
So you can go to the airport next day. Or just hire a private car at the scenic area in that evening.
Asked by Ms.roxanne from USA | Jan. 26, 2011 11:33Reply
I will be visiting my daughter in tongren this summer and need to find the easiest most direct travel from chicago o'hare to reach there any help is appreciated
Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.MIRANDAZHAO | Jan. 27, 2011 01:43

You can first fly to Guangzhou or Shanghai, China first, then fly to Guiyang. Then you can take trains or bus to reach there.
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