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Ethnic groups such as the Tujia, Miao, and Dong minorities make up more than fifty percent of Tongren's population. Consequently, the locally made souvenirs with their minority flavor are very popular among tourists.

The following are some of the best known and sought after local products: Zipao Yudai Stone (which means purple gown/jade belt stone) is one of the special minerals that can be found in Mt. Fanjingshan. Because of its delicate and solid nature, it is considered the best material with which to make carved stone items such as ink stones, folding screens, and tea sets. The finest example of this stonework, the Mt. Fanjingshan Yudai Nine-Storey Pagoda is now kept in the National Grand Hall. The most famous ink stone called Sizhou Ink Stone is a special local product of Cengong County (formerly Sizhou) and it is one of China's eight famous ink stones. The Yuping Vertical Bamboo Flute is a special local product of Yuping County, and made from choice water bamboo and the timbre is clear and bright. Nuo culture is local to Tongren and the Nuo mask is an apparition or animal woodcarving craftwork of primitive simplicity used in Nuo Opera. These masks are now popular for their decorativeness.

Mt. Fanjingshan has been regarded as the ‘natural storeroom of medicinal materials' such as tall gastraodia tuber (Tian Ma) which is the basis of a traditional Chinese medicine produced mainly in Guizhou Province, beneficial to breathing and well-being. For those who like drinking alcohol there is one drink to recommend namely a Tujia alcohol called Matang alcohol made from sesame candy and often used as a treat. It has a golden lucidity and tastes sweet, and has the function of refreshing one's spirit while satisfying the thirst. The Chinese gooseberry is grown in many parts of China, however, those from Mt. Fanjingshan taste better than from other places due to a lack of pollution and nicer soil. Tourists who come to Mt. Fanjingshan all like to eat them.

Department Stores

Tongren City Department Store
Address: No.1, Daqing Road (North)

Jiangkou County Department Store
Address: No.30, Sanxing Road (East), Shuangjiang Town, Jiangkou County, Guizhou Province

New Century Shopping Center
Address: Office Block of the Agricultural Bank


Wankelong Baijia Supermarket
Address: Minzhu Road

Wankelong Shangmao Ltd. Supermarket
Address: Jiefang Road


Since there are many minority groups living in Tongren, cities here are relatively quiet when night falls. In the downtown area of the city people often spend their evenings dining at the night fair. Tourists can taste many local snacks at night fairs. There are night fairs on many road intersections such as Xiao Shizi Road and No.5 Primary School of the city, which is very lively at about seven or eight o'clock at night. Tourists can eat there to their heart's content as the average cost per person is very low, perhaps about CNY10 for one person is enough. On Beiqiaotou Road in Jintan Development Zone there is a self-service restaurant which offers a delicious spicy, sour hot-pot. The average expenditure is also very low and about CNY5 per each is enough.

There are many squares such as Jinjiang Square in the city downtown area which offer bars and pubs. Many urban recreational squares are under construction including Beimen Recreative Square, Tongyun Cultural and Recreative Square which will be the tourist resorts for day and night.


Menghuan Recreative Bar
Location: Sinan County

Jifeng Recreative Bar
Location: Yinjiang County


Lanshan Coffee
Location: at the opposite of intermediate court

Xidi Coffee Ltd.
Location: Jinjiang Square

City Garden Coffee
Location: Liangshuijing Road

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