Qinhuangdao Nightlife

To enjoy life to the full in Qinhuangdao, one can not get away from the charming sea, soft beach and brilliant sunshine. One can revel outside in the sunshine, walking and exploring, or can go to recreational centers to participate in entertainments and games.

The city has built multitudes of recreational facilities. Nandaihe International Recreation Center, Nandaihe Water Park, Xin'ao Submarine World, International Sand-skating Sports Center, the recreation center in Xianluo Island and the aquarium in Shanhaiguan, as well as the children's playground, are all fascinating all-around entertainment centers, providing facilities for surfing, diving, sand skating, batting, drifting on the sea and bungee. Various sports can be found there, however agreeable and exciting. Most of these recreation centers are located in Beidaihe and Nandaihe. Other places for leisure include Haigang District, the downtown area of Qinhuangdao City where most of the sports centers, fitness clubs, bars and cafes can be found.

People can go to the gym and fitness centers to keep active. Asia Sports Village and sport pitches constructed for the 11th Asia Games are fine. To prepare the Beijing Olympics, many stadiums and gymnasiums are newly built and restored. Some may choose fitness clubs. Here some information about Qinhuangdao's fitness centers recommended by the local citizens.

Yaohua Impulse Total Fitness
Address: No.14, Wenhua Nan Lu, Haigang District
Description: It should be the best fitness club in Qinhuangdao with full equipment for rock climbing can be found there.
Chanyu Yoga
Address: No.116, Jianshe Da Jie, Haigang District
Description: Daily exercises of Yoga, hot yoga and belly dancing guided by teachers.

Nightlife in this city is limited. Supermarkets usually close before 19:00. Bars, cafes, teahouses and cinemas are also nice places to spend some time.

The Perfect Life Bar
Average cost per person: above CNY40
Opening hours: 18:00~02:00
Address: Middle section of Hebei Da Jie, Haigang District
Bus Routes: 6, 31, 32, 34
Matsa Music Club
Minimum Charge: CNY100-300
Opening hours: 20:00-03:00
Address: No.82, Mafang Jie, west gate of Jinjie Shopping Mall, Haigang District
Biluota Bar Park
Average cost per person: over CNY140
Opening hours: 10:00-24:00
Address: Donghai Lu near the Dove Nest (Gezi Wo) Park to the east of Beidaihe District

UBC Coffee
Address: No.312, Jinjie Shopping Mall, Wenhua Lu, Haigang District
Liang'an Coffee
Address: No.68, west gate of the Jinjie Shopping Mall, Haigang District
Opening hours: 09:00-02:00
Fairyland Coffee
Address: No.28, Xinyuan Guangchang (Xinyuan Square), Haiyang Lu, Haigang District
Opening hours: 09:00-24:00
Xingfu Coffee
Address: opposite Yanshan University, Haigang District
Mingtian Coffee Language
Address: No.9-11, I/F, commercial building in the People's Square, Haigang District
Xin Shang Dao Coffee
Address: No.159, Yingbin Lu, Haigang District

Qingxin Chapin Chayi Guan
Average cost per person: CNY100
Address: No.202, west section of Gangcheng Da Jie, Haigang District

Fu Xiang Ju Chayuan
Address: No.115-117, Yanshan Da Jie, Haigang District
Zi Yun Xuan Chalou
Address: No.18, Zhujiang Dao, Qinhuangdao Economic & Technological Development Zone
Guyun Chalou
Address: Donghuan Lu, Haigang District
Shanhaiguan Yuyuan Chazhuang
Address: No.52, Nan Da Jie, Shanhaiguan District

Incool Cinema
Address: Lower floor of the People's Square, Kangle Lu, Haigang District
Bus Routes: 6, 16, 33, 34

Internet bars
Changcheng Net Bar
Address: Opposite the north gate of the Northeast University at Qinhuangdao, Haigang District
Bai Yu Xing Net Bar
Address: Yuhua Lu, Beidaihe District
(Tanglaoya Wangluo Shalong) Donald Duck Internet Saloon
Address: Kangle Lu, Haigang District

Shengmingshu Tarot Shop
attracts many girls who like fortune telling. It is an interesting shop and is usually busy. Around it, there are some nice shops. It is located to the west of the Incool Cinema. One can also get to the Tianlong Gekido International Club in Yijie Xincun to learn Gekido boxing.

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Questions & Answers on Nightlife in Qinhuangdao
Asked by Paul from USA | Aug. 03, 2019 15:59Reply
Is the any classical music -Chinese or Western -performed in the area of Qinhuangdao?
I’m especially interested in regional opera and Chinese instrumental music performed on traditional instruments. I do hear some folk and opera played outdoors in a forest that leads down to the beach, but haven’t been aware of any performed professionally on stages in the area.
Answers (1)
Answered by Quinn from UNITED KINGDOM | Aug. 07, 2019 01:36

Sorry, I didn't find any outdoor folk and opera performance. When you will arrive in the city?
Asked by Matt hough from UK | Jun. 22, 2014 04:28Reply
I've just moved Qinghuangdao over the summer. Are there any western bars here or in Beidaihe?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jimmy from USA | Jun. 22, 2014 04:51

Maybe you can go to the SOS Bar at No. 78, Xin'an Avenue, 1F, Waigaoqiao Hotel.

For Beidaihe, Biluota Bar Park is suggested. There you cannot only find bars, but also attend some other activities.
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