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Qinhuangdao Travel Guide

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Chinese Name: 秦皇岛 (qín huáng dǎo)
Population: 3,134,200
Area: Land Area: 7,802 square kilometers (3,012 square miles); Sea Area: 1,805 square kilometers (697 square miles)
Location: in the northeast of Hebei Province, north China
Administrative Division: 4 districts (Haigang, Beidaihe, Shanhaiguan, Funing); 2 counties (Changli, Lulong); 1 autonomous county (Qinglong Man); Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone; Beidaihe New District
Area Code: 0335
Zip Code: 066000
GDP (2019): CNY 161.202 billion (USD 23.366 billion)

Back Garden of Beijing and Tianjin

If comparing the Great Wall to a dragon then Qinhuangdao is located at the head facing the sea. This wonderful summer resort is laurelled as the back garden of Beijing and Tianjin, boasting a beautiful coastline and perfect ecological environment. Qinhuangdao is a time-honored city named after the first emperor in Chinese history Qin Shi Huang who once made his east inspection tour to this place and sent people to the sea to look for immortals. The city has rich tourism resources varying from unique and diverse landscapes to waterfalls, springs, and numerous wildlife and plant resources. There are many cultural relics and historic sites dotted in the city such as the Great Wall. In addition to Shanhaiguan Pass, the city also features a leisurely summer resort, Beidaihe sun-kissed beaches, where you can enjoy coastal scenes and water activities. It is also an important harbor city in North China with the time-honored Port of Qinhuangdao and a new rising industrial city.

Famous for the beautiful coast and attractions relevant to the Great Wall, Qinhuangdao is a hot tourist city laden with history and endowed with refreshing air. Tourist resources are paralleled in two concentrated lines. In the coastal region, there are Laolongtou, Shanhaiguan Pass, Xin'ao Marine World and several theme parks. While most spots related to the Great Wall scatters around the hilly area in central and northern area of the city, such as the Longevity Mountain, Jiaoshan Hill (Hornberg Hill) and Yansai Lake. The first-class summer resort Beidaihe is also one of the four finest bird watching resorts in the world.

First Pass Under Heaven
Shanhaiguan, First Pass Under Heaven
Laolongtou, Qinhuangdao
Laolongtou Great Wall
The 144-houe visa-free transit has been adopted in Qinhuangdao Port since December 28th, 2017. 

This passionate city is well equipped with sports and cultural facilities. Today, Qinhuangdao is striving to be a green, harmonious, vigorous and charming arena of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games. There are well developed service facilities, good urban infrastructure and convenient traffic that greatly promote the further development of the city.

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Questions & Answers on Qinhuangdao Travel
Asked by Jovita from INDONESIA | Nov. 12, 2019 02:15Reply
is it true that is located in Aranya Golden Coast Community, Beidaihe New District?
thank you!
Answers (3)
Answered by Liam from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 14, 2019 18:19

What is your question?
Answered by jovita from INDONESIA | Nov. 16, 2019 21:17

oh sorry, is that true that Aranya Art Center located in Aranya Gold Coast Community, Beidaihe New District? Thanks
Answered by Liam from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 18, 2019 00:14

Yes, it is.
Asked by Kayt from RUSSIA | Mar. 11, 2019 18:17Reply
Which buses can I use from Olympic avenue Park, Beidaihe to Laolongtou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Thomas from UNITED KINGDOM | Mar. 18, 2019 01:34

Take public bus no.34 to Wildlife Park Bus Stop and then transfer to tourist bus no.501 to Shanhaiguan Laolongtou Bus Stop. After arriving, you can see the scenic area directly.
Asked by Renata from CZECH | Dec. 29, 2018 09:31Reply
Shanhaiguan to Jiaoshan and further
Hi, how far is it possible to hike from Jiaoshan? We would like to enjoy some hiking and nice views. And then be able to catch a bus or taxi back to Shanhaiguan. Any tips?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alyssa from GERMANY | Jan. 07, 2019 22:59

Generally speaking, you need to use 4 hours to tour around Jiaoshan.
From Jiaoshan to Shanhaiguan Railway Station, you can take Special Bus Line 5. The operating hours of this bus line are from 08:20 to 16:30. The ticket fare is CNY2 per person.
Asked by 124855563qq.com | Jun. 29, 2018 06:24Reply
I want to have some seefood in Qinghuangdao,Is there someplace a good choice?
Thank you for you any answer
Answers (1)
Answered by James from USA | Jul. 01, 2018 21:58

There is a good chain restaurant called Seafood Residence. The address is at No. 342 Hebei Street, Haigang District.
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