Tiger Stone Park

Located in the center of Beidaihe Scenic Area, Tiger Stone Park is a perfect place to play and relax in summer. With an area of 33,000 square meters (39,468 square yards), this park is famous for its beautiful natural scenery: jade sea, golden sand, bright sunshine and cool wind. Besides, the park also has a large theme park that provides many entertainment activities for enjoyment. Nowadays, Tiger Stone Park has become one of the most popular scenic spots in the Beidaihe Scenic Area. Every year, all of these attract numerous tourists for their holidays.

Huge stones shaped like tigers lying on the sandy beach, in forest and along seacoast give its name to the park: “Tiger Stone”. A mysterious legend adds great fun to the park. It’s said that, after Emperor Qin Shi Huang unified the country, he came to the Bohai Sea to in search of an elixir but a mountain got in his way. He whipped the mountain with his magic whip and the mountain gave way to him. As fragments of stone flew northeastward, Qin Shi Huang chased them to the sea. Suddenly, the stones disappeared leaving only a pack of tigers playing on the beach. On seeing Qin Shi Huang, the tigers sprang to chase him. After he left, the tigers turned into stone tigers in a variety of poses. Standing on the stones, tourists can feel the sea breeze, admire amazing sunsets and enjoy fishing.

Tiger Stone Park is a great place for bathing. On the east and west sides of the huge Tiger Stones, there are large-scale natural bathing places with more than one hundred years history, which are famous for their flat beach, soft sand, and clear water. Embraced by the stones, the bathing places are just like emeralds inlaid in this park. In summer, hundreds of tourists come here for swimming, sun bathing, or sand bathing.

To the west of Tiger Stone, there is a small wharf built in 1957 that provides an ideal place for sightseeing and fishing. Tourists can take small-sized yachts or cruise boats to go there directly. In addition, lying to the west side of wharf, Turtle-Watching Pavilion is worth visiting for its exquisite architectural style.

Since a large entertainment area was built here in 1994, this park has also been providing many enjoyable entertainment activities, such as motorboats, beach volleyball, sail boarding and surf boarding, as well as a playground for children. Here, visitors can enjoy themselves by watching the ebb and flow, drawing paintings on the beach, making sand sculptures, collecting shells, chatting freely with friends, and playing beach volleyballs.

In this park, people can forget daily pressures and worries. Beautiful natural scenery and relaxed sightseeing atmosphere will leave a deep impression in your minds.


1. Take bus No. 34 to Beidaihe Haibin Coach Station. Upon getting off, walk southwards for around 550 yards to the park. 
2. Local bus no. 15 or 22 can take you directly to the Tiger Stone Park Station.
Admission Fee CNY 8
Opening Hours 06:00-22:00
Best Travel Time June to August

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