Lianfeng Mountain Park (Link Peak Mountain Park)

Lianfeng Mountain Park is located at the west seaside of Beidaihe Scenic Area with an area of 269 acres (109 hectares). It can also be called Link Peak Mountain Park due to its three connected mountain peaks (East Peak, Middle Peak, and West Peak) or Lotus Pod Mountain Park because of the whole park looks like the lotus pod from afar. First built in 1919, it is the largest forest park of this area and a perfect summer resort in China. The primitive landforms, forests and plants are well-preserved. Here, visitors can fully enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and relax themselves.

East Peak

Standing at an altitude of 502 feet (153meters), it is the highest among all three peaks. On top of it, there is a sea-view pavilion where tourists can appreciate the overall view scenery of this park. Besides, Lotus Stone, and Kwan-yin Temple are popular scenic spots of this peak.

Lotus Stone
This site is located at the mountainside of the East Peak, surrounded by dense woods. There are many different shaped stones lying there, resembling blossoming lotus; among them, there is one especially huge and round looking like a lotus seed. To the south of the stone groups, there is a monument recording of the history of Lianfeng Mountain Park.

Kwan-yin Temple
Also named as ‘Guanghua Temple’, Kwan-yin Temple is located to the north of Lotus Stone. It was built during the later Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty. In a courtyard style, there are exquisite ancient wall paintings, three main halls that enshrine figures of Kwan-yin and lots of rare trees inside. Besides, there is an ancient bell lying in the southeast corner of the temple, which date back to 1561. Red windows, green tiles and the surrounding environment form a quiet and mysterious scene.

Middle Peak

The spots worth visiting here include Hanwu Platform, Auspicious Spring and Paradise Cave.

The Hanwu Platform was discovered in the Middle Lianfeng Mountain not long ago. It is a high platform built under the order of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty who yearned for immortality.

Located at the south slope of Middle Peak, water of Auspicious Spring is recorded as being very clear and sweet. However, because of climate changes it has dried up, leaving only its name inscribed there alone.

Paradise Cave is situated to the right side of Auspicious Spring. With a height of 10 feet (3 meters), there are three Chinese characters engraved at its top and cliff inscriptions on its two sides.

West Peak

There are several attractive scenic spots here, such as Whisper Stone and Sea Eye.

Whisper Stones
This site consists of two huge stones both measuring over 7 feet (2 meters) high. The space between them just allows one person to pass through. Seen from a distance, they just look like clinging together and telling some secrets. So people give the name ‘Whisper Stones’.

Sea Eye
Located at the west of West Lianfeng Mountain Peak, the entrance of the cave only has 1.1 yards (one meter) width. When crawling in, listening carefully, tourists can hear the sounds of waves, hence the name Sea Eye. It is also called Tiger Cave, for it’s said that there was a tiger living inside once upon a time.

Besides the three main peaks, there are some other interesting sites inside the park. To the south of East Peak, there is a mountain named “Mt. Dragon” whose altitude is 427 feet (130 meters); a summer house is set there for visitors to enjoy the sea view of Beidaihe. In addition, Cockscomb-Shaped Mountain is 600 yards (550 meters) northeast of the East peak; at its summit there is a sightseeing iron tower; on its south slope, there is a ‘Buzzing Stone’. With a height of about 17 feet (5 meters), the top of the ‘Buzzing Stone’ is even and flat, where there is an Olive-Shaped hole in the center. If you pound it, you will hear buzzing sounds; hence the name.

Not only forests, pavilions and rare stones can be seen in the park, but also all kinds of villas hidden in the dense forest. The ones belonged of Lin Biao (a militarist in Chinese history) and that of General Zhang Xueliang are the most attractive.

Note: Around the park, there are lots of places to enjoy sea foods.
Admission Fee March - November: CNY25
December - Next February: CNY5
Opening Hours 07:00-18:00 (May - September)
08:00-18:00 (October - April)
Bus Route Local bus No. 5 and 21

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Questions & Answers on Lianfeng Mountain Park
Asked by Fiona Leake from AUSTRALIA | May. 09, 2017 20:35Reply
I went to Lianfeng Mountain on the 30th of April only to find it was closed.
How can I confirm that it is open before I go there again? I dont speak Chinese and cannot find a number to call to get this information.

Answers (1)
Answered by Nida from USA | May. 12, 2017 04:09

I have checked their service line on the internet. You can confirm the opening time with their hotline 0335-4041591 before you go there.
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