Longevity Mountain (Changshou Mountain)

Longevity Mountain, located around 5.6 miles (9 kilometres) northeast of the Shanhaiguan Area of Qinhuangdao City, is regarded as a natural garden at the foot of the Great Wall. The whole scenic area with the theme of longevity presents visitors its essence by different techniques of expression including sculpture, architecture, calligraphy and others.

The scenic area boasts many sights. Among them the most famous ones are Stone Gate, Fairy Cave, Heaven of Peace and Happiness, Grottoes of Highly Skilled Doctors, Xuanyang Ancient Cave, and Forest of Tablet with ‘Shou’ Character.

On entering the mountain gate, three characters ‘Chang Shou Shan’ (meaning Mt. Longevity) with the height of 56.3 feet (17.17 meters) welcome every visitor firstly. It is written by the famous Chinese calligrapher Sun Mofo. Then the Grottoes of Highly Skilled Doctors come into your vision. Each of the grottoes is about 33 feet (10 meters) high and 4.4 yards (4 meters) wide. Inside the grottoes, stone statues of ancient famous Chinese doctors like Hua Tuo, Zhang Zhongjing and Li Shizhen can be seen.

The most excellent scene in the scenic area is Xuanyang Ancient Cave. The 383 feet (117 meters) long cave is the domestically largest and world rare granite cave. Sakyamuni and 18 arhats’ images are molded in the cave.

By visiting the Longevity Mountain, you will surely immerge in its natural beauty and at the same time learn the characteristic Chinese longevity culture. 

Chinese Culture about Longevity

Since ancient times, Chinese people have paid great attention to longevity. On someone’s 60th, 70th, and even 80th birthday, they usually grandly celebrate to wish longevity. As well as this, it is popular that newly born babies wear the Longevity Lock, which is usually made of silver or gold. A folk saying goes that the special lock is able to protect the baby from the external harms, so they can safely grow up. In this scenic area, apart from the attractions about longevity, you can enjoy the Forest of Tablet with ‘Shou’ Character, which is the most attractive scene. On the unique stones of the mountain, are engraved in various size and font the ‘Shou’ characters of calligraphists in different dynasties, including Wang Xizhi, Yan Zhenqing and Ouyang Xun.


During the fruit season, visitors can pick hazelnut, wild jujube, kiwi fruit in the mountain and also can taste the unique snacks such as pineapple cake and various wild herbs.


1. Bus no. 25 or 23 can take you to the South Gate of Shanhaiguan Station, then take a taxi to the Longevity Mountain.
2. Take bus no. 25 to Shanhaiguan Railway Station, and then find the exclusive Tourism Bus to the scenic area.

Admission Fee

April 1 to November 30: CNY 80
December 1 to March 31: CNY 40

Opening Hours 08:30-17:00
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