Zhengzhou Dining -- What to Eat

With its long history, Henan Province is a cradle of ancient Chinese culture. This has resulted in an abundance of historical sites and a rich culture, one of which is Yu (short for Henan Province) Cuisine. As the capital of Henan Province, Zhengzhou undoubtedly takes Yu Cuisine as its main menu.

Traditional Dishes

Liyu Sanchi (Three cooking methods of Cyprinoid) is the famous Zhengzhou traditional dish. The Cyprinoid, a type of Carp from The Yellow River is soaked in fresh water for two or three days prior to cooking to remove the earthy smell. A Cyprinoid is cut into three, with one fillet being fried; the other cooked with Sweet and Sour Sauce. The rest of fish, its head and tail are boiled together with radish slices to make a tasteful and nutrient soup. After you have enjoyed the fish, you can mix some noodles with the remaining sweet and sour sauce, which is flavorful.

Besides, gourmets have chances to try other Yu traditional dishes in Zhengzhou like Tong Zi Ji (Bittern Chicken), Si Tao Bao (Four-Boxed Birds of Duck, Chicken, Pigeon and Partridge), etc.

Henan Restaurant
It is said to be the one of the best restaurants in Zhengzhou cooking the authentic Yu dishes. It has so popular that you always find the restaurant crowded, especially during the dining time.
Specialities: Liyu Peimian (fried sweet and sour carp accompanied by noodles), Guotie Tofu (fried bean curd)
Address: No.25, Renmin Lu, Jinshui District
Average cost: CNY50 per person

A Wu Mei Shi (Wu's Delicacies)
Another popular Yu restaurant, it serves not only the authentic local dishes but also some newly created Yu dishes. Dishes made of bean curd is said to be the specials here.
Address: No.72, Nongye Lu, Jinshui District
Average cost: CNY50 per person

Local Snacks

Hui Mian (Cook noodles with mutton and vegetables) is a popular snack among local people. Cook the noodles in the fresh mutton soup, and then put deep cooked mutton, Citron Daylily and Agaric (A variety of Mushroom) into the soup to braise for several minutes. Scatter some coriander and chili oil onto Hui Mian before serving, for added flavour.

Xiaoji Hui Mian Restaurant (Zhengbian Lu Branch)
Address: 27, Huozhan Beijie, Zhengbian Lu
Average cost: CNY20 per person

Heji Hui Mian Restaurant (Renmin Lu Branch)
Address: 3, Renmin Lu
Average cost: CNY20 per person

Men Bing (Stew Cake) is an improvement of Layer-cake and Pot meat. Put some vegetables under the slices of the cooked layer-cakes and stew them together with pot meat for a while. That is Men Bing. Add some seasonal vegetables will be more palatable.

Geji Men Bing Restaurant
Address: Funiu Lu (near Jianshe Lu)

Wonton is not a unique food in China, but you should try wonton cooked in the Zhengzhou style. We recommended Lao Caiji Restaurant for you to try both wonton and steamed dumpling.

Lao Caiji Restaurant
Address: Jingsan Lu (near Hongzhuan Lu)

Hu La Tang (Ground meat and vegetable paste with pepper) is another popular local snack. Nowadays, it is commonly served at breakfast with some cakes.

Besides, here we have some tasteful and famous pastries. Long Xu Gao (a kind of cake with the shape of breads, which is made of rice, flour, sugar and oil, etc.) and Pi Pa Su (a kind of imperial pastries without stuffing, tastes soft and sweet) are the most two palatable and flavorsome ones.

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Questions & Answers on Zhengzhou Dining
Asked by Evans from ZAMBIA | Apr. 16, 2019 00:57Reply
Do we have McDonalds, KFC, or Western type restaurants in Zhengzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sophia from CANADA | Apr. 21, 2019 18:13

Don't worry. You can find several fast food and western restaurants in the city, such as KFC and McDonald. :)
Asked by Anton from EGYPT | May. 24, 2017 03:45Reply
Indian, African or South American restaurants
Are there any of these restaurants in Zhengzhou? I am hoping to find a restaurant in Zhengzhou. Thank you for any help.
Answers (1)
Answered by Adam from USA | May. 26, 2017 03:23

As I remember, there is an Indian restaurant called Indian Kitchen in the Lianhua Market, Zhengdaxinqu, Gaoxin District.
I’m sorry that I have no idea about any African or South American restaurants there.
Asked by Sharat from INDIA | Jul. 08, 2015 09:17Reply
What are the choices for veg food in Zhengzhou considering a span of 90 days stay?
Answers (2)
Answered by Sue from USA | Jul. 08, 2015 21:18

In the city, there are many vegetarian restaurants.
JInxinyuan, located at the intersection of South Yousheng Road and JIankang Road.

Shanyuanju, located at intersection of JInshui Road and Tongtai Rd.

Putishu, located at Fu18, Longuha Huayuan.
Answered by Sharat from INDIA | Jul. 09, 2015 07:46

Thanks a lot.
Asked by Mags from SOUTH AFRICA | Feb. 16, 2015 14:10Reply
Vegetarian restaurants in Zhengzhou
Hi, We are planning a 4 day business trip to ZZ and would like to know vegetarian restaurants and/or Indian restaurants close to the International Airport.

Many thanks
Answers (3)
Answered by Lando from INDIA | Feb. 16, 2015 20:19

As far as I know, there is no special Indian or vegetarian restaurants in the airport or near the airport.
But don't worry. In terminal buildings, several restaurants can provide vegetable dishes. You can just choose them from the menu.
Answered by Mags from SOUTH AFRICA | Feb. 18, 2015 00:15

Any Indian restaurants in this City?
Answered by Shelly from ITALY | Feb. 28, 2015 19:43

Yes, I remember there's a New Delhi Indian Restaurant on the dining street, 2nd floor, Grand Shanghai City, no. 28, East Taikang Road, Guancheng District, but I am not sure whether it still exists.
Asked by B K Dubey from INDIA | Sep. 09, 2014 02:41Reply
is there any indian food restaurant in zhengzhou & what is the cost per person ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Robin from MALAYSIA | Sep. 09, 2014 02:49

Yes, but there are just a few. I only know one named Indian Cuisine. It is in the Grand Shanghai City Mall, no. 24, East Taiking Road, Erqi District (near Erqi Road).
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