Zhengzhou Dining -- Where to Eat

 Cantonese Restaurants
Yuexiu Restaurant (Cantonese Style)
Not only the delicate dishes but also the elegant Chinese decoration of this restaurant attracts so many local people in Zhengzhou and travelers everyday.
Average cost: CNY100 per person
Jinshui branch: Jinshui Dong Lu, Jinshui District
Renzhai branch: No.6, Renzhai Bei Jie, Jinshui District

Da Kuai Le Hong Kong Cha Can Ting
The simple but comfortable decoration and its fragrant milk tea is favored by most locals.
Address: 2F of Jianwen New World, Jinshui District
Average cost: CNY20 per person

 Sichuan Restaurants
Hua Yu Chuan Restaurant
It is the most popular Sichuan restaurant in Zhengzhou, but which is decorated in the western style. Both of the food and service here are said to be good enough.
Average cost: CNY50 per person
Erqilu branch: 2F of Nongken Dasha, No.59, Er Qi Lu, Erqi District
Jinshui branch: No.106, Jinshui Lu, Jinshui District
Yingxie branch: Yingxie Lu, Guancheng District

You Yi Cun Mr. Xie's Restaurant
Although it is not the best Sichuan restaurant of this city, the reasonable price and good service is attractive enough.
Average cost: CNY35 per person
Songshan branch: Er Huan Lu, Songshan Bei Lu, Zhongyuan District
Baihua branch: Baihu Lu, zhongyuan District

Tian Tang Niao Restaurant
Many locals are attracted by both of the tasty Sichuan dishes and the dining environment of this restaurant. On the other hand, the Yu dishes are also available here.
Average cost: CNY50 per person
Weiwulu branch: Wei Wu Lu, Jinshui District
Chengdonglu branch: No.20, Feng Huang Lu, Jinshui District

Hai Di Lao Huo Guo
The hot pot of the Hai Di Lao from Sichuan has been well-know in so many cities of China including Zhengzhou. It is not only because of its good flavor but also because of the comfortable service.
Tianwang branch: 4F of Tian Wang Square, west of Lao Dong Lu, Jinshui District
Tel: 0371-63735511, 63736611
Bus routes: 3-69, 3-70, 4-31, 4-33
Hongzhuanlu branch: No.109, Hong Zhuan Lu
Tel: 0371-65579363, 65579383 
Bus routes: 82, 21, 92, 40
Xidajie branch: 500 meters to the east of the Er Qi Square, Xi Da Jie
Tel: 0371-69323013
Bus routes: 903, 55, 96
Guanghui branch: 1-4F of Guanghui International Trade Mansion, No.15, Jingsan Lu, Jinshui District
Tel: 0371-65585121, 65585120
Jingbalu branch: No.11, north of Jingba Lu
Tel: 0371-63931321, 63931323
Bus routes: 63, 27, 21

 Moslem Restaurants
Fu Yuan Restaurant
Besides of the dishes, the tasty noodles cooked here is highly recommended.
Average cost: CNY50 per person
Address: No.16, Weisi Lu, Jinshui District (nearby the People’s Government of Henan Province)

Xinjiang Di Yi Pan
The highlight of this Moslem restaurant is Da Pan Ji-a big plate of stir-fired chicken with potatos and dried chili.
Average cost: CNY30 per person
Address: Feng Qing Lu, Jinshui District

  Western Food Restaurants
This western restaurant has been opened for many years and favored by many locals in Zhengzhou all the time
Average cost: CNY80 per person
Address: Fengchan Lu (near Jingyi Lu)

Golden Hans
If you would like to have the tasty Brazilian barbeque, this buffet restaurant should be in your list.
Average cost: CNY40 per person
Address: No.11, Nong Ye Lu, Jinshui District

Self-help pizza and other western food served here is a good choice if you are looking for your home flavor.
Average cost: CNY45 per person
Address: No.52-6, Tai Kang Lu, Er Qi District

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List of vegan restaurants in Zhengzhou.
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Answered by Chris from USA | Apr. 27, 2019 18:06

I know there is one located in Intersection of Jinshui Road and Tongtai Road, Zhengdong New District. It is called Shanyuan Ju vegan restaurant (善缘聚素食).
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