Hunan Weather

Hunan enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. In general, Hunan weather is mild with average annual temperature being 16 – 18℃ (60.8 ~ 64.4℉). The weather in spring is changeable and rains a lot. Summer is hot and rainy with average temperature of 26~29℃ (78.8 ~ 84.2℉); usually the hottest month rains the most. Autumn is quite cool and the humidity is low. Winter is not that cold compared with northern China and sometime there is snow and frost. Even the coldest January has an average temperature of over 4℃ (39.2℉). The number of days with average daily temperature below 0℃ (32℉) is less than 10. In the west and south of the province with higher altitude, the temperature is relatively lower than other parts and in the mountainous areas, the vertical climate change is quite obvious. 

Best Time to Visit Hunan

The best time to visit Hunan is from April to June and September to November. From September to November in autumn, it is cool and mostly sunny, being the most comfortable time for a trip together with rich autumn colors. From April to June in spring, in addition to the pleasant climate, the flowers blossom and the plants grow green, so travelers can appreciate the natural beauty. 

Annual Weather Facts of Major Cities

Changsha Weather Averages
  • High Temp: 25~29℃ (77~84.2℉)
  • Low Temp: 5~8℃ (41~46.4℉)
  • Humidity: 82%
  • Rainfall: 1222 mm (48 in)
3-Day Changsha Weather Forecast
Zhangjiajie Weather Averages
  • High Temp: 25~28℃ (77~82.4℉)
  • Low Temp: 5~7℃ (41~44.6℉)
  • Humidity: 75%
  • Rainfall: 1338 mm (52.6 in)
3-Day Zhangjiajie Weather Forecast

Hunan Climate – Seasons & Travel Advice

Spring (Mar - May)

Hunan weather in spring varies a lot, but it is the best time to appreciate the peach blossom in Taohuayuan (Land of Peach Blossom) in Changde City. Also, there is peach flower festival on Mar. 26 when tourists can watch the night lantern show and attend the temple fair. Or go to Jinshi Town of Yueyang to see the golden rape flowers.
What to Wear: trench coat, jacket, sweater, jeans, sweatpants, umbrella…

Summer (Jun - Sep)

Summer is relatively hot, so experiencing the exciting drifting in Yueyang is a nice choice. Yueyang is also the birthplace of dragon boat races which is held on Dragon Boat Festival every year. At that time, both the local and tourists are immersed in the strong festival atmosphere. Also, tourists can spend a leisure time in Dongting Lake to sail, watch lotus flowers and birds. Summer is also the best time to tour Fenghuang Ancient Town in Xiangxi. You can walk along the flagstones street or take a sightseeing boat along Tuojiang River to feel the charm of characteristic ancient architectures and experience the simple life of local people. Besides, Zhangjiajie in mountainous area is relatively cool than other destinations.
What to wear: T-shirts, shorts, dress, skirt, sandals, sunglasses… 

Autumn (Oct - Nov)

In autumn, Hunan weather is cool. Changsha and Zhangjiajie are all suitable to travel. Mt. Yuelu in Changsha is covered with red leaves. Aiwan Pavilion in the mountain and Orange Isle in the middle of Xiangjiang River are the best places to appreciate it. At night, there is firework show in Orange Isle. In autumn, the scenery in Zhangjiajie is like a landscape painting with colorful trees like maple trees and gingko tress covering all over the mountains and the peak forest in the heavy mist. Also, tourists can taste fresh Kiwifruit, oranges and so on.
What to Wear: shirt, thin knitwear, jeans, sneakers…

Winter (Dec - Feb)

Though located in south China, Mt. Hengshan boasts a marvelous snow scenery, making travelers feel like walking in a paradise. All trees are decorated with rime and the whole mountain is in the fog. Besides, enjoying a hot spring in Ningxiang City has been the first choice of most people which also do good to people’s health.
What to Wear: wool sweater, down coat, cotton clothes, winter pants…

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