Sixi & Yancun Villages

Sixi & Yancun Villages, Sikou Town, the northern part of Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province, are about 11 miles (19 kilometers) off the center of the county. Built in 1199 during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), these two villages have weathered 800 years. The buildings are mainly original structures in Huizhou style of Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911). In an area of 19,135 square yards (16,000 square meters), there are 156 ancient houses. Among these five are of Ming and more than 80 are of Qing. Sixi & Yancun Villages feature beautiful scenery and abundant cultural relics. Nowadays, they are loved by local people and tourists. These two villages have become an icon of Wuyuan County.

Sixi Village and Yancun Village were built by the builder “Yu”. He travelled about earlier much like a modern day salesman. So he developed acute homesickness. Finally, when he returned with high honors and respect, he decided to work toward improving the two villages for all residents. The two villages' names reflect Yu’s homesickness.

The architectural style there is the Huizhou architectural style. Most of ancient residences are constructed with white walls and bluish roofs. From a long distance, tourists will see a sea of pure white walls. Some small but exquisite windows are wall decors. Tourists will appreciate the scene from different angles. Each roof is decorated with wood carvings and special patterns of dragons and phoenixes.

All of Sixi and Yancun Villages are rich with scenery and human artifacts. There are lots of old houses in Wuyuan. Nowadays, these have become popular tourist haunts. Upon entry, visitors will see lots of antiquities. In Sixi Village, In Sixi Village, brick carvings, stone carvings and wood carvings are three characteristics of ancient Huizhou buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Jingxu Hall presents the example of carvings in arts and craft. Jingxu Hall embraces 797 square yards (667 square meters) of courtyard, main hall, backyard, and garden. Roofs and walls are treated with amazing carvings in local traditional style. After visiting Sixi Village, visitors can proceed to Yancun Village 547 yards (500 meters) away. Yancun Village also is endowed with ancient buildings, such as Congting Hall, Mingxun Hall and Yuqing Hall.

Congting Hall, with its name ‘Congting’ suggesting smartness, showcases it as the home of the Jin family, a typical literary family in Yancun Village. The place was first built during 1711 to 1799 by a local businessman Jin Jiazao, the fore-bearer of Jin family. It has been well preserved and unchanged. Having a front-yard and a backyard, the house is magnificent, with elaborate carving decorations. Jin fathered ten celebrity sons: career civil servants, successful businessmen, and outstanding scholars. An inscribed plaque in the hall glorifies the family.

Mingxun Hall is a residence of three adjoining houses. It rivals with Qiao’s Grand Courtyard in Pingyao Ancient City, Shanxi Province. Jin Yongqiu, the owner, is a prominent merchant from Anhui Province. His business influences spread far and wide. In Guangzhou, he traded with foreigners, dealing in tea of Wuyuan County. Foreigners nowadays prefer drinking tea over coffee. When tourists visit in this place, they will enjoy the peaceful and comfortable life atmosphere.

Yuqing Hall originates from the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799). Jin Wenjian, the owner, is a local tea merchant. The facade of this hall is in the shape of a Chinese character “Shang” with the meaning of “business”. Nowadays, the hall displays rare wooden furniture and plaques for visitors. 


Take minibus at Wuyuan County Bus Station, and get off at Sixi & Yancun Villages Station.
There are many direct buses from 06:00 am to 16:30 pm every day.
Opening time 08:30-17:30
Admission fee CNY 60 (Children under 1.2 meters / 3.9 feet will be free of charge.)
Combo Ticket of Wuyuan (Sixi & Yancun Villages included) CNY 210 per adult; CNY 105 for children between 1.2 and 1.5 meters (3.9 and 4.9 feet); free for children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet)

Note: This ticket is valid for 5 days and includes the following 14 scenic spots: Jiangling Village, Xiaoqi Village, Jiangwan Village, Wangkou Village, Likeng Village, Wolong Valley of Dazhang Mountain, Lingyan Cave, Sixi & Yancun Villages, Rainbow Bridge, Yantian Camphor Tree Folk Garden, Wengong Mountain, Mandarin Duck Lake, Ancestral Hall of Huangcun Village, and Shicheng Village.
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Questions & Answers on Sixi & Yancun Villages
Asked by Sam from NEW ZEALAND | Apr. 12, 2016 20:00Reply
What is the address of Wuyuan Bus Station?
Answers (7)
Answered by Diana from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 12, 2016 22:08

Well, as I know, it's also called Qiliting Bus Station. The location is West Chaxiang Road, which near to the Exit of WY Expressway.
Answered by Sam from NZ | Apr. 12, 2016 22:55

Thanks Diane,
Is this the station for transport to cities such as Shanghai, Tunix, Yushan...?
Another question is there another bus station ( north bus station) for transport to local villages such as Likeng, Xiaoqi?

Do you know the address? Thanks for your help it is appreciated.
Answered by Diana | Apr. 13, 2016 00:50

Yes, Qiliting Bus Station is for transport to these cities.
The North Bus Station is for transport to local villages, which located at the crossroad of Dongsheng Road and S201 Road. May you have a nice trip! :)
Answered by Sam from NZ | Apr. 20, 2016 03:07

Thanks Diana, your help will be good for my trip in a months time ...really looking forward it.
Cheers Sam
Answered by Ed from CHINA | Apr. 27, 2016 09:21

Hi Sam - there is now a high speed rail / gaotie train station in WY. About 20 mins to huangshan tunxi , 4 hours to shanghai. Much better than bus.
Your best off just printing the name of places you want to go on a piece of paper in advance (in chinese characters, no english letters - copy them from wikipedia or something) and just grabbing cabs as you go. Much quicker and they hang around the villages.
Answered by WilliM Stanley from CANADA | Nov. 07, 2018 02:31

Hi Sam,
I am from Canada, travelling solo as a male.
Is training from Beijing to Wuyuan and cab to Yancun as a Base a good idea?
I want to see several villages, but mostly rural farms, Tea plantations.

With kind regards,
William Stanley
Answered by Kennedy from USA | Nov. 07, 2018 16:48

Yes, it is a good idea. High speed train ride has been a must do in the travel list to China. Staying in the village, you can enjoy the scenery more thoroughly. Have a good time!
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