Attractions along West Line of Wuyuan

The west tour line of Wuyuan, is somewhat less popular comparing with the east line and north line. Without massive crowds but with concentrated cultural relics, the west route has its own characteristics. The stunning natural wonders along this route show the good ecological environment of rural Wuyuan, and extend to the famous porcelain capital Jingdezhen. Most of the scenic spots along this route are undeveloped ecological sites. Tourists can not only appreciate the secluded picturesque scenery, but also experience the local customs and culture. The must-sees include the verdant Wengong Mountain and the peaceful Mandarin Duck Lake.

Suggested Route:

Wengong Mountain  →  Kengtou Village  →  Fuchun Ancient Town  →  Mandarin Duck Lake  →  Jinshan Ecological Tea Garden  →  Changxi Village  →  Fengyou Mountain

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 Wengong Mountain
17 miles (27 km) west of central Wuyuan, the mountain has its name Wengong commemorating Zhu Xi, an important Confucian philosopher in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) whose alias is Zhu Wengong. The ancestral tomb of Zhu Xi is on the mountain. Other major attractions include the Wengong Lake, Jiqing Pavilion, and Thousand-Year Post Road. 99% perennial vegetation coverage endows it with a beautiful landscape. There are lots of rare ancient trees, among which the most famous are the fir trees planted personally by Zhu Xi.

 Kengtou Village
Having stood for more than 1,400 years, Kengtou Village features numerous peach trees. In spring, tourists can see the peach blossoms spreading all over the mountains and along the rivers. The village is thus reputed as Dreamy Peach Village.

 Fuchun Ancient Town
Located at 25 miles (40 km) west of central Wuyuan, the town features the well-known Jishan Mountain. Embraced by rolling mountains from three sides, it is an appropriate place for the local people to live. Covering an area of 9 square miles (23 square km), the main peak of Jishan Mountain is 1,529 feet (466 meters) high. This mountain is famous for its amazing karst caves formed one hundred million years ago. Lots of exquisite stone carvings catch tourists’ eyes. There are also other attractions in Fuchun Ancient Town, such as the Mandarin Duck Lake, Jinshan Tea Garden, Sanling Mountain, Chong Mountain, and Changxi Village.

 Mandarin Duck Lake (Yuanyang Lake)
Located in Fuchun Town, Mandarin Duck Lake is 27 miles (43 km) west of Wuyuan and 25 miles (41 km) east of Jingdezhen. It is the largest habitat of wild mandarin duck in the world. Featuring beautiful natural waterscape and favorable eco-environment, the lake attracts flocks of birds like mandarin ducks and white cranes in autumn and winter every year.

 Jinshan Ecological Tea Garden
In the tea garden, there are many large fields to plant the traditional green tea of Wuyuan. Tourists can taste fresh tea and get a better understanding of the tea producing process. Besides, they can see interesting tea performances, picking tea-leaves, making tea by themselves, go angling, or enjoy other entertainment activities.

 Changxi Village
Located in northwest Wuyuan, Changxi Village is a must-see on the west tour route. With a long history, it features ancient residences and beautiful natural scenery especially the breathtaking scene of the red maple leaves in autumn. Villagers there are friendly and amiable. There are farm houses for tourists to take a rest and have a meal.

 Fengyou Mountain
Fengyou Mountain is on the boundary of Wuyuan and Fuliang County of Jingdezhen. Extending from northeast to southwest, the mountain is surrounded by lower hills from four sides, with the peak at an elevation of 2,215 feet (675 meters). The Jingyin Temple on the mountain top attracts many pious tourists to pray. Other distinctive sites include Longyin Stream, Sword Spring, Immortal Bridge, Mandarin Duck Pool, Sacrifice Cliff, Lakeview Peak, and the amazing stone forest.

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