Mandarin Duck Lake (Yuanyang Lake)

Mandarin Duck Lake, also known as Yuanyang Lake, is located at Fuchun Town, which is 27 miles (43 km) west of Wuyuan County and 25 miles (41 km) east of Jingdezhen. Open to the public in 1980s, this lake features wonderful natural waterscape and rare wild mandarin ducks. Embraced by rolling mountains and ancient residences, this lake is just like an emerald inlaid in this area. The perennial vegetation coverage of the surrounding (up to 95%) endows it with the mild and moist climate, as well as pleasant scenery. The limpid and blue water with lush aquatic plants creates a favorable eco-environment, attracting flocks of birds like mandarin ducks and white cranes in autumn and winter; thus giving rise to its name Mandarin Duck Lake. Nowadays, this lake has become a popular scenic spot and love theme park in Wuyuan County. It even became the national 4A level in 2009.

This lake is reputed as one of the largest wild mandarin duck habitat in Asia and even in the world. According to the statistics, there are 89 species of animals, including 17 species of mammals, 22 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 50 species of birds. Wild mandarin ducks occupy the largest proportion. In Chinese history, mandarin ducks are the typical symbols of happiness and love. People, especially lovers, believe that their love and relationship will keep forever after they saw a couple of mandarin ducks. During autumn and winter every year, there are countless mandarin ducks in the lake. These mandarin ducks usually migrate to the lake from Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province and Siberia in Russia in October. The maximum number sometimes can reach to more than 2,000 couples, which occupy about two-thirds of the whole world’s mandarin ducks. Beside animals, it is estimated that this area contains 185 species of rare plants. Visitors will enjoy beautiful country scenes when they tour around the lake.

In the center of the lake, there is a small island. It contains a Matchmaker Temple, Mid-lake Pavilion, Mandarin Duck View Pavilion, several gallery bridges and some orchards. On the square in front of the Matchmaker Temple, there is a large red copper-made concentric lock. With a length of 10 feet (3.3 meters), a height of 8 feet (2.5 meters) and a weight of 1.25 tons, this concentric lock is just like a special symbol of happiness and forever love. The middle of the lock is engraved with a couple of mandarin ducks, and some Chinese characters meaning “Wish each couple of lovers together”. Both sides of this lock are engraved with exquisite patterns of dragons and phoenixes.

The most popular entertainment activity in this temple is that almost every tourist will buy a small lock in order to memorize their happiness. After locking it, people always choose to throw the key into the lake, which indicates their relationship will keep forever because no one can open that lock.


Take minibus at Wuyuan County Bus Station, and get off at Mandarin Duck Lake Station.
There are many direct buses from 06:00 am to 16:30 pm every day.
Opening time 08:30-17:30
Admission fee CNY 60 (Children under 1.2 meters / 3.9 feet will be free of charge.)
Combo Ticket of Wuyuan (Mandarin Duck Lake included) CNY 210 per adult; CNY 105 for children between 1.2 and 1.5 meters (3.9 and 4.9 feet); free for children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet)

Note: This ticket is valid for 5 days and includes the following 14 scenic spots: Jiangling Village, Xiaoqi Village, Jiangwan Village, Wangkou Village, Likeng Village, Wolong Valley of Dazhang Mountain, Lingyan Cave, Sixi & Yancun Villages, Rainbow Bridge, Yantian Camphor Tree Folk Garden, Wengong Mountain, Mandarin Duck Lake, Ancestral Hall of Huangcun Village, and Shicheng Village.
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