Changchun Subway Line 5

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Southwestern Transportation Hub - Dongdaqiao

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Extending in the northeast - southwest direction, Changchun subway line 5 will link Southwest Transportation Hub and Dongdaqiao. It is scheduled to serve the public since the early 2026, covering around 20 kilometers (12 miles) and having 18 stations. Changchun metro line 5 will mainly pass Nanhu Square, Nanhu Park, Wanda Square, Changchun Cultural Square, and People’s Square.

Stations of Changchun Subway Line 5

Southwestern Transportation Hub - Chaoqiang Street - Shunda Road - Yueda Road - Anxin Road - Weishan Road West - Guigu Square - Diantai Street - Fanrong Road West - Nanhu Square - Huxi Road - Gongnongda Road - Cultural Square - Tongzhi Street - People’s Square - Dajing Road - Yatai Street - Dongdaqiao

Future Transfers along Changchun Metro Line 5

 Weishan Road West: Transfer with Line 9
 Guigu Square: Transfer with Line 6
 Diantai Street: Transfer with Line 3
 Cultural Square: Transfer with Line 2
 People’s Square: Transfer with Line 1
 Dongdaqiao: Transfer with Line 4

Surroundings and Bus Routes near the Stations of Changchun Subway Line 5

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 Southwestern Transportation Hub
Surroundings: Guigu Street, Zhuoyue Street, North Chuangyi Road, Shuangshan Village, Hexie Jiayuan Community, Aohai Lanting Community, Yongjing Jiayuan Community, Hengda Yayuan Community, Jilin Normal University (Changchun Campus), Huigu School
Bus Routes: 164, 205, High-Tech Zone Bus Line 2

 Chaoqiang Street
Surroundings: Chaoqiang Street, Baifu Street, Langxin Road, Kuangda Road, Angzhan Gongyuanli Community, Chengyu Xiangxiewan Community, Juran Shijieli Community, Guojian High Tech Zone Maternity Hospital, Jilin 2nd People’s Hospital, Huimin Market, Fuyuhe Park
Bus Routes: 30, 124, 164, High-Tech Zone Bus Line 2

 Shunda Road
Surroundings: Shunda Road, Fuqiang Community, Shangcheng Bishui Huating Community, Laluo Community, Yitian Fenglu Community, Changchun Administrative Institutes, Xin Xingyu Jiayuan Community, Chaoyang Economic Development Zone
Bus Routes: 30, 124, 164, High-Tech Zone Bus Line 2

 Yueda Road
Surroundings: Yueda Road, Chaoyue Street, Fuyu Community, Yitian Cuidiyuefu Community, Guigu Gongguan Community, Fuqiang Community, Guigu Gongguan Community, Changyi Mansion, Changchun 2nd Experimental School, Yitian Kindergarten, Yueda Industrial Park, Shuangde Industrial Park, Sino-Russian Industrial Park
Bus Routes: 30, 124, 164, High-Tech Zone Bus Line 2

 Anxin Road
Surroundings: Anxin Road, Pingxin Road, Chaoda Avenue, North Daxin Road, Duanzi Mansion, Wanpu Xiaozhen Community, Sanjiazi Community, Yongxin Community, Huiren Experimental School
Bus Routes: 15, 30, 124, 129, High-Tech Zone Bus Line 2 

 Weishan Road West
Surroundings: Weishan Road, West Guigu Road, Xuefu Street, Chenhui Street, Chuangyu Street, Jiahe Yaju Community, Xinxing Hongqi Jiayuan Community, Feicui Huaxi Community, Zao’an Changchun Community, Sanjia New Village, Changchun Tumor Hospital, Home Inn, Hanting Express Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Postal Savings Bank of China, Jilin Drugstore
Bus Routes: 124, 129, 193, 239, High-Tech Zone Bus Line 2

 Guigu Square
Surroundings: Feiyue Road, Guigu Street, Gaoxin Heyuan Community, Yizhong Mingcheng Community, Huolihui Community, Anlian Guoji Community, Aozhoucheng Community, Rongchuang Shangcheng Community, Tongyuan Hospital, Qianjin Park, Sanjiahu Park, Baihuayuan Park, Merchants Bank, Jilin University Qianwei Campus
Bus Routes: 129, 143, 164, 201, 205, 213, 239, High-Tech Zone Bus Line 2

 Diantai Street
Surroundings: Diantai Street, West Qianjin Street, Sanjia Community, Jida Community, Qianwei Nanqu Community, Jianqiaoyuan Community, Hongqi Huayuan Community, Chaoda Jiayuan Community, Yingtai International Building, Shuangde Country Government, Chaoyang District Government
Bus Routes: 129, 195, 239, High-Tech Zone Bus Line 1 & 2

 Fanrong Road West
Surroundings: Fanrong Road, Qianjin Street, Qianjin Community, Yuguang Community, Fanrong Community, Youzheng Huayuan Community, Datong Huayuan Community, Dayu Chengbang Community, Jixin Community, Qianwei Hospital, Guodu Holiday Hotel
Bus Routes: 6, 13, 129, 149, 154, 162, 202, 208, 222, 239, 292

 Nanhu Square
Surroundings: Nanhu Avenue, Chenguang Huayuan Community, Fuyuan Huacheng Community, Qixiang Sushe Community, Gediao Community, Huguang Community, Songhui Community, Yashiyuan Community, Fuchun Huayuan Community, Huguang Park, Hongxing Hotel
Bus Routes: 13, 20, 129, 149, 162, 202, 213, 222, 230, 234, 239, 252, 262

 Huxi Road
Surroundings: Jianping Street, Huxi Road, Dongmei New Village, Weixing Jiayuan Community, Nanhu Xiangshuiwan Community, Nanhu Gongguan Community, Shuiyuntian Community, Nanhu Jiayuan Community, Gongxueyuan Community, Yashiyuan Community, Huxi Community, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 13, 52, 120, 159, 213, 230, 232, 234, 239, 255, 264, 267, 282

 Gongnongda Road
Surroundings: Gongnongda Road, Dechang Road, Hongqi Street, Dechang Community, Xinyi Community, Huayi Hongfu Community, Wanbao Community, Hongye Huayuan Community, Deyiju Community, Jilin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, No.17 Middle School, No.68 Middle School, Bank of China, Everbright Bank, Bank of Communication, Huimin Hotel, Shunfeng Hotel
Bus Routes: 25, 156, 227, 228, 229, 232, 234, 258, 263, 264, 265, 267, 270

 Cultural Square
Surroundings: Jiefang Avenue, Xinmin Street, Xinjiang Street, Cultural Square, Yunyu Community, Dongyuan Community, Yongchang Road Community, Mudanjie Community, Jiefang Road Primary School, Home Inn, Wenxin Hotel, Chencheng Hotel, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 9, 13, 104, 213, 221, 229, 240, 255, 264, 276, 283, 288

 Tongzhi Street
Surroundings: Tongzhi Street, Xi’an Road, Zhongshan Huayuan Community, Tongjian Community, Yihao Gongyu Community, Baishan Primary School, No.30 Middle School, Minsheng Shopping Mall, KFC, CITIC Bank, Construction Bank, Yishantang Drugstore, Shiji Drugstore
Bus Routes: 14, 19, 22, 119, 135, 254, 255, 261, 271, 314, 322, 362

 People’s Square
Surroundings: Renmin Street, Guangming Road, People’s Square, Minsheng Mansion, Tianfeng Mansion, Changchun Central Hospital, Ziqiang Primary School, Jilin University 2nd Hospital, Jilin Hotel, Xiaojie Hotel, Shangri-la Hotel, Wanda Square, Huguo Temple, Construction Bank, Jilin Drugstore
Bus Routes: 12, 13, 14, 17, 22, 213, 256, 267, 269, 274, 312, 314, 351

 Dajing Road
Surroundings: Dajing Road, Changchun Street, Pingzhi Street, Zhangda Community, Chongqing Community, Yongchunju Community, Siwu Community, Xisi Community, No.98 Middle School, No. 103 Middle School, Huolicheng Shopping Mall, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Qixi Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 3, 4, 12, 61, 62, 104, 106, 117, 241, 256, 258, 259, 264, 268, 354, 362

 Yatai Street
Surroundings: Yatai Street, Wanlong Huayuan Community, Yongchang Community, Fuguiju Community, Yinxing Community, Zhonghuan Community, Taoyuan Xiquan Community, Fulian Community, Xingsheng Primary School, Dongsi Primary School, Xintiandi Shopping Mall, Xinxin Hotel, Home Inn, New Century Hotel, China Telecom
Bus Routes: 1, 4, 88, 103, 115, 125, 172, 246, 278, 301, 342, 343, 345, 346

Surroundings: Sitong Road, Yitong River, Changtong Community, Shuijingge Community, Wansheng Jindi Community, Xianghe Jiayuan Community, Yongning Community, Zhongfeng Huayuan Community, Binhe Shequ Community, Binhe Primary School, KFC, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 12, 168, 258, 276, 357
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