Changchun Subway Line 9

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Zhaojianggang East - North Zhongchuan Street

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Covering a distance of 30 kilometers (19 miles) and extending in the southwest-northeast direction, Changchun subway line 9 will connect Lianhuashan Development Zone, Jiutai District, Lianhuashan Ski Resort and Donghu Town. The phase one of Changchun metro line 9 will be put into use in September of 2026, connecting Zhaojiagang East and North Zhongchuan Street, passing Longjia International Airport, Jiutai South Railway Station and Central Square. The phase two of this metro line between Paoziyan and Wukaihe Street will operate after phase one. 

Stations of Subway Line 9

Zhaojiagang East - Lianhuashan North - Donghu - Longjia International Airport - Folk Museum - Central Square - Jianlan Street - Jiutai South Railway Station - Airport Avenue - North Changbaishan Road - Zhishicheng Square - North Zhongchuan Street

Future Transfers along Changchun Metro Line 9

 Zhaojiagang East: Transfer with line 2

Surroundings and Bus Routes near the Stations of Changchun Subway Line 9

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 Zhaojiagang East
Surroundings: Dongjilin Road, Linxi Street, Quanyan Town, Lianhua Yaju Community, Linxihu Community, Yushui Zhuangyuan Community, Heping Community, Wukaihe Park, Lianhuashan Business Center
Bus Routes: 181A, 181B

 Lianhuashan North
Surroundings: Zhaojia Village, Songxiaoling Village, Gaojiatun Village, Zhaojiadian Village, Yanjiatun Village, Miaohoutun Village, Waiding Mountain
Bus Route: 181B

Surroundings: No.102 Provincial Road, Quannong Street, Jiye Road, Longshuang Road, Dingxing Community, Fudi Mingzhu Community, Saicheng Jiayuan Community, Shangpin Huayuan Community, Donghu Coach Station, Dingxing Shopping Mall, Donghu Market, Donghu Town Central School, Qidi Kindergarten
Bus Routes: 181B, 333

 Longjia International Airport
Surroundings: Airport Road, Longjia International Airport, Longjia Railway Station, Airport Tianyuan Hotel, Xinmin Village, Nanquan Village, Longjiabao Town Quancun Primary School, Yaotuncun Primary School
Bus Routes: 333, Airport Shuttle Bus Lines

 Folk Museum
Surroundings: Danxiashan Road, Jinghe Street, Folk Museum, Liujiatun Village, Xiangcun Hotel
Bus Route: Jiutai Bus Line 21

 Central Square
Surroundings: Jingang Street, Xinhualian Community, Qinkaipao Village, Xinghuo Hotel
Bus Route: Jiutai Bus Line 21

 Jianlan Street
Surroundings: Yangjiagangzi Village, Majiatun Village, Shaoguo Village, Lijiatun Village
Bus Route: Jiutai Bus Line 21

 Jiutai South Railway Station
Surroundings: Huicheng Road, Wanhu Xinju Community, Jiutai Konggang Xinju Community, Jiutai South Railway Station
Bus Route: Jiutai Bus Line 21

 Airport Avenue
Surroundings: Airport Avenue, Jingyao Road, Gangcheng Street, Jiutai No.6 Middle School, Postal Savings Bank of China
Bus Route: Jiutai Bus Line 21

 North Changbaishan Road
Surroundings: North Changbaishan Road, Tianmushan Road, Ze’an Jiayuan Community, Hupan Jiayuan Community
Bus Route: Jiutai Bus Line 21

 Zhishicheng Square
Surroundings: Zhishicheng Square, Xiawazi Village, Gangzinantun Village
Bus Route: Jiutai Bus Line 21

 North Zhongchuan Street
Surroundings: Yushugang Village, Caijiatun Village, Guojiatun Village, Lianhuawangtun Village, Hatangwang Village
Bus Route: Jiutai Bus Line 21
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