Xining Shopping

Stalls at a market in Xining
Stalls at a market in Xining

Shopping in Xining will add a unique experience to your trip. Although Qinghai Province is located in the far northwest of China, the shopping malls, wholesale markets and retail shops here offer both ordinary goods and unique local specialties of Qinghai and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Xining is the supply depot for visitors who are headed to the other destinations of Qinghai Province and Tibet, making it a great place to shop whether you plan to spend your time Xining or venture on to more remote areas.

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is home to a number of unique medical treatments. Dongchong Xiacao (Chinese Caterpillar Fungus) is a traditional Chinese medicine which is used as a tonic to increase the body's natural resistance to disease. It has been exported to other countries for a long time. In Xining, you can purchase a bottle of medicated wine, including the Chinese caterpillar fungus and other rare medicinal materials. Snow lotus and pilose antler, both considered rare Chinese medicines, are also available in the city.

Cloth sold at a market in Xining
Cloth sold at a market
Yak Beef Jerky is a snack not to be missed on any trip to northwest China. Made of fresh yak meat, rich in protein and lower in fat, this light-weight, non-perishable snack is favored by locals and tourist.

Not to be overlooked are the unique handicrafts of Xining. Most are influenced by the style of Tibet, such as the clasp knife, embroidery and butter sculpture. Xining is also well known for its abundance of excellent quality wool which is the best material for a variety of fabric.

Famous shops and stores
Xining can be divided into five commercial zones. The Middle Zone is the commercial center of Xining City, with most of the emporiums located here. Da Shizi Department Store and several nearby streets are the most bustling.

Dashizi Department Store
One of the large scale stores in Xining City, about 37,500 kinds of commodities are available here.
Address: No.53, Dong Dajie
Bus route: Take bus No.1  to Da Shizi.

Xidajie Department Store
This store is a seventeen-story building, not including two full basement floors. This multi-services department store carries a wide variety of goods and includes restaurants, offices and a recreational center.
Address: No.43, Xi Dajie
Bus route: Take bus No.1  to get to Xi Menkou

Qingbai Commercial City
The Qingbai Commercial City attracts a great deal of customers with its wide variety of merchandise and comfortable shopping environment. Many popular brands are available here.
Address: Wusi Dajie
Bus route: Take bus No.9 to get to Qinghai Theater.

Drygoods Department Store
A wide variety of local products are available at the Drygoods Department Store. There is an endless array of local goods such as Dongchong Xiacao, Yark Beef Jerky to fulfill your desire for exotic products.
Bus Route: Take bus No. 22 .

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Questions & Answers on Shopping in Xining
Asked by Janice from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 04, 2017 21:07Reply
A few hours in Xining. Arriving by train at 9.00am and leaving by plane at 14.40.
We would like to go somewhere where 2 of our party of 4, could sit with luggage, while the other 2 have a walk, look, around. Also have some lunch.
Where do you suggest we catch a taxi to from the train station ?
Thanks !!
Answers (1)
Answered by Mike from FRANCE | Apr. 10, 2017 02:48

You can take a taxi to Dashizi Department Store where you can buy some local specialties. The taxi fare is around CNY12. There are a lot of beverage outlets and dessert houses around the store. Two of you can enjoy the drinks and desserts there, and the others may go shopping in the store. Notably, remember to go back to the airport at least 2 hours in advance.
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