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High/Low Temperatures of Xining
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Average Temperatures of Xining
Average Temperatures Graph for Xining
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Average Humidity Graph for Xining
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Average Rainfall Graph for Xining
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Xining Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Xining WeatherLocated in the northwestern China, Xining is considered to be a summer resort with its continental highland semiarid climate. So the summer, from May to September, is the best time to go there. The annual average temperature of Xining is about 6.5C (43.7F) while in January the temperature drops to only -8.9C (16F) and in July it reaches the high of 17.2C (63F) on average. Attributed to the high altitude, the region is encircled in low air pressure weather systems and as such receives high-levels of ultra-violet radiation, so it is very important for visitors to be prepared with a high factor sun block to defend against sun burn. Another typical climate feature of this region is that the temperature fluctuates widely between day and night. Therefore, several warm garments are also a necessity in your trip to deal with the changeable weather.

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