Xining Travel Tips

Xining in brief
Population: 2,049,700
Land Area: 7,472 square kilometers (2,885 square miles)
Administrative Divisions: 4 districts (Chengzhong, Chengdong, Chengxi, Chengbei); 2 counties (Huangyuan, Huangzhong); 1 autonomous county (Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County)
City Government: No.43, Nanguan Street, Chengzhong District
Ethnic Minorities: Han, Hui, Tu, Tibetan, Mongol, Manchu (totally 37 ethnic minorities)
Area Code: 0971
Postal Code: 810000
City Flower: lilace

Useful numbers
Fire Alarm: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Consumer Complaint: 12315
Weather Forecast: 121
Inquiring Phone of the Railway Station: 7192222

Around the west and east streets of the big crossing in Xining city center, branches of China's large banks can be easily found, including the Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and etc. Expats can exchange currency at the Bank of China and the office will open during 09:00-17:00.
Address of branch of Bank of China:
Qinghai Branch of Bank of China: No.218, Dongguan Dajie
Tel: 8178888
Generally, the opening time of the bank is from 09:00 to 17:00. Foreign visitors can exchange RMB in the Bank of China with your passports.

Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital
Address: No.2, Gonghe Lu
No.1 People's Hospital of Xining
Address: No.8, Huzhu Xiang
Tele: 0971-8233162
No.2 People's Hospital of Xining
Address: No.751, Qilian Lu
Tele: 0971-5130018

Post Office
Da Shizi Branch: No.1, Xiguan Dajie
Huanghe Lu Branch: No.36, Huanghe Lu
Huzhu Lu Branch: No.20, Huzhu Xilu

Qinghai University
Address: No.251, Ningda Lu

Qinghai Normal University
Address: No.36, Wusixi Jie

Qinghai University for Nationalities
Address: No.3, Bayi Zhong Lu

Visiting Xining, you should prepare some medicines to guard against colds and altitude sickness. There are two credible drugstores here, the Medicine Company of Qinghai Province, located in Da Shizi and San Yu Drugstore, located on Xiguan Dajie. If visiting other places of Qinghai, get enough supplies in Xining in consideration of quality and quantity of goods. 

Lastly, it is necessary to know some proprieties of the minority ethnic group in Xining. If you live with a Moslem family, the kitchen and the bedrooms of the hosts are out of bounds visit and under no circumstances touch any religious objects and observe the dietary requirements of the Moslem faith. Non-Moslem people are not welcomed to visit mosques during hours of worship although they are really worth visiting. The best way to enter is led by a Muslim. Photos can be only taken after asking permission. 

Tips for Dining
Xining has an altitude of over 2,000 meters (about 6,265 feet). Do not drink much wine and smoke a lot, avoiding violent exercises. Local green pear wine taste good but intoxicating too. Do not east to much mutton in case of excessive internal heat and eat fruit and vegetables to balance nutrition. 

- Last updated on Jun. 28, 2022 -
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