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The continental monsoon climate brings Qufu four distinctive seasons. The average temperature of the hottest month July is 27.4C (81.32F) and that of the coldest month January is 1.4C (34.52F). The heaviest rainfall occurs in July and August. In general, March to November is its peak period of tourism.


Sep.26th to Oct.10th is the International Confucius Culture Festival, which combines worshipping Confucius with the activities of culture, tourism, systematic learning, entertainment, trade and international communication.

 Fast Facts
Area: 896 square kilometers (about 346 square miles)
Position: in the southwest of Shandong Province
Population: 640,000
Nationalities: 15 nationalities, including Han, Hui, Miao, Mongolia and Man, etc.
Zip Code: 273100
Area Code: 0537

 Useful Numbers:
Tourist Complaint: 0537-4490799
Jinan Yaoqiang Airport Inquiry: 0531-82086666

 Emergency Numbers:

Fire: 119
Ambulance: 120
Police: 110
Traffic: 122

 Post Office: No.8 Gulou Street

 Hospital: Qufu People's Hospital is located at No.67 Tianguandi Street.

 Bank: Foreign currency can be exchanged in the Bank of China. The Bank of China (Qufu Branch) is located No.6 Chunqiu Road.

 Book Store: The Xinhua Book Store is recommended, which is located at the south end of the Datong Road.

 Internet Bars: Most Internet bars are grouped in the Xiguan Street.

Qufu Normal University
Location: No.57 Jingxuan Road (West)

 Communication: The IC Phone Card is used to make a phone call in the public phone booth. Furthermore, mobile phones are used widely there.


Qufu boasts three major types of treasured antique handicrafts - Beitie (rubbings from a stone inscription), Nishan Ink Slab (made of stone) and Kaidiao (a wood-carving made from the Kaishu tree). These artifacts can be enjoyed as souvenirs or used as home decorations.

The Kong Family Liquor, the Kong Family Cake and Qufu rice should also be on your shopping list. The liquor is made from Kaoliang (Chinese sorghum). It has a low alcohol content and can be enjoyed with meals. The Kong Family Cake is a local specialty that comes in different flavors including green bean, chestnut and sweetened bean paste. Qufu rice is famous for its high quality and in ancient times was the preferred rice of the emperors.

Where to buy

Hualian Commercial Building
It offers clothes, non-staple foods, drinks and household appliances.
Location: No. 16 Chunqiu Road.

Cultural Relic Store
Built in 1981, it mainly offers Beitie, jade, ink slabs and various carvings.
Location: The middle section of the Gulou Street

Sankong Tourism Service Company
Location: No.1 Gulou Street

Chunqiuge Calligraphy & Painting Service
It features Beitie, calligraphies, paintings, writing brushes, ink slabs and the like.
Location: No.5 Gulou Street (North)

Queli Walking Street
The Queli Walking Street is a great place for shopping.  Nishan Inks Slabs, Kaidiao rice and the Kong Family Cake are all available here.
Location: Just east of the Temple of Confucius.


In the recent years, more and more entertainment places appear in Qufu, such as nightclubs, cinema, tennis court and bowling-alley. In the daytime, you can enjoy your visit to each attraction; at night, why not go to play tennis or bowling or see a film or have a sauna bath to relax? Hereunder is the information of some entertainment places of Qufu:

Queli Hotel
There is a social dance hall, a discotheque, a bowling- alley, a massage parlor and a sauna bathroom in the hotel.
Location: No.1 Queli Street

Apricot Altar Hotel
There is a multifunctional dance hall in it.
Location: No.36 Datong Road

Dafuhao Night Club
Location: No.43 Gulou Street (South)

Qufu Cinema
Location: To the west of the Temple of Confucius

Qufu Theater
Location: The east side of the Gulou Street

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