Yantai Subway

Currently, Yantai subway is not available. It is planned that there will be 6 subway lines. The L-shape metro network will serve the city center and radiate to the suburban areas. There will be 146 stations in total, 15 of which will be interchange stations. Yantai metro line 1 and line 2 are major ones in town, running in the east-west and south-north directions respectively. Line 1 will extend from Guxian to Goulai Road, via Yantai Railway Station (Main Railway Station). Line 2 is planned to start from Yanda Ferry Terminal, and extend to Jinshan Port, by way of Main Railway Station and South Railway Station. Line 4 will also serve the downtown area. Line 3, line 5, and line 6 are designed to stretch to the outskirts of the city. Among these metro lines, line 1 and line 3 will be constructed first. According to the plan, the two lines will be put into service before 2022.

Planned Lines and Stations of Yantai Subway

 Line 1: Guxian- Goulai Road
Length: 29 miles (47 kilometers)
Route: Guxian- Fuzhou Road- Shaoxing Road- Beijing Road- Qinshan Road- Emeishan Road- Kunlunshan Road- Golden Beach- Development Zone Government- Taishan Road- Heilongjiang Road- Huagong Road- Zhuji Road- South Xingfu Road- Zhifutun- Jianshe Road- Main Railway Station- Haigang Road- Xi'nanhe Road- Jiefang Road- No. 1 Middle School- Jingouzhai- Huanghai Mingzhu- Luming Community- Liangjia- Tonglin Road- Gangcheng Street- West Shuanghe Road- West Shengquan Road- Puchang Road- Kesida Road- South Railway Station- Lande Road- Aucma Street- Goulai Road

 Line 2: Yanda Ferry Terminal- Jinshan Port East
Length: 36 miles (58 kilometers)
Route: Yanda Ferry Terminal- Yantai Port- Huanhai Agricultural Trade City- Ocean Shipping Company- Main Railway Station- South Street- Civil Aviation Building- Middle Hongqi Road- Zhenshantun- Shangqujia- Wolong Economical Park- Huangwu- Jiangjia- South Bus Station- Shangchemen- South Railway Station- Aucma Street- West Dujia Road- Jindoushan Road- Miaoshan Park- Chuangye Road- Xin'an- High-tech Zone Hospital- East Binhe Road- Qilidian- Mouping Bus Station- Beiguan Street- Dongguan Road- East Pijiuchang Street- West Dayao Road- Jinshan Port

 Line 3: Binhai Road- West Binhai Road
Length: 19 miles (30 kilometers)
Route: Binhai Road- Development Zone Government- Muhe Road- Fuhai Road Overpass- Yongda Street- Huifu Street- Yong’an Street- Shanqu Street- Qinglong Mountain- Futao Road- Shuanglong Road- Waijiahe East Station- Chuyu Road- South Kuiyu Road- Sanhe Road- Airport Road- South Tongshi Road- Jiepaicun Road- Lijing Huayuan- South Hushan Road- East Fenghuang Road- Gangcheng Street- Sports Park- Guanhai Road- Xueyuan Road- Haiyuewan- Haitian Road- China Agricultural University- Yantai Vocational College- West Binhai Road

 Line 4: Xiaoyangjia- Cultural Center
Length: 12 miles (20 kilometers)
Route: Xiaoyangjia- Paoshan- Luanjiazhuang- Fuhuan Road- Yongda Street- Songxia Road- Hebin Road- Binglun Road- West Hongqi Road- Zhichu Road- Chufeng Street- Xipaotai Mountain- Zhifutun Road - Jianshe Road- South Street- Cultural Center

 Line 5: Shandong Technology and Business University- Jinshan Port North
Length: 22 miles (36 kilometers)
Route: Shandong Technology and Business University- Yantai University- Sports Park- South Campus of Yantai University- Financial Business District- Research and Development Park- Agricultural University- Yantai Vocational College- High-tech Zone East- Mouping North- …… - Jinshan Port North

 Line 6: Penglai Airport- Hebin Road
Length: 24 miles (38 kilometers)
Route: Penglai Airport- Dajijia Station- Dajijia- Fangli- Bajiao- Liujia- Foxconn- Sanshilipu- Majia- Fulai Street- Fuxin Road- Fuhuan Road- Qiquan Road- Woniu Mountain- Huifu Street- Hebin Road
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