Leshan Dining

The hot & spicy cuisine flavor in Leshan matches other places in Sichuan Province and enjoys the fame of 'The Kingdom of Cooking'. There are many kinds of dishes and local snacks that arouse a desire to eat!

Just some of the many are recommended here. In Leshan, Stewed Jiangtuan Fish has a great reputation. Jiangtuan fish has tender meat and few fish bones and it tastes very fresh when it is stewed with mushroom, ham and yulan slice. Another fish which lives in the Minjiang River, at the foot of Leshan Giant Buddha, is the Dongpo Ink Fish. It is told that the fish is dyed by the ink of a poet Su Dongpo (1037-1101) who studied in the Dongpo Reading Building built on Dafo Temple (Lingyun Temple). After it is fried, the outer fish skin is crisp and the inner meat is tender. The third type of fish called Pearl Fish is regarded as an original creation of the food and beverage industry in the Shizhong District of Leshan City. When it is cooked, a pigeon egg will be put on the fish body like a pearl, thus giving it its name - Pearl Fish. Bang-Bang (stick) Chicken is one of the most popular dishes with cold chicken (breast or leg) shreds topped with a spicy sauce. The chicken meat has to be percussed with a stick when cooked to get its name! A vegetarian dish called Xiba Bean Curd is offered by almost all the restaurants in Leshan attracting hundreds of thousands of diners. Visitors should also visit Xiba old town which is located some 20 kilometers (about 12 miles) from Leshan City if they want to taste the authentic flavors.

Well-known local snacks include Qiaojiao (raising legs) Beef. It is said that diners feel so excited after tasting the beef that they can not help raising their legs. Tofu Jelly in Sichuan is a common snack and in Leshan it is also popular. It is available in many varieties such as Tofu Jelly with chicken shreds and Tofu Jelly with minced beef. In addition, for those who enjoy sweet snacks, at least two kinds will be first choice. Pearl Balls is a sweet snack made of sticky rice which many eat accompanied by a drink of Emeishan White Tea. Another is called Ye'er Ba which is a sticky rice dumpling with a sweet stuffing inside and tasting very good!

Where to eat

Zhongshi Lao Xiba Bean Curd Restaurant
Recommended dish: Xiba Bean Curd, Sichuan Cuisine
Average cost per person: CNY 20-30
Address: at Jiahui Mansion in Xiaogongzui area in Leshan City Center

Jiuding Hotel Restaurant
Recommended dish: Sichuan Cuisine, Bean Curd dinner, local snack
Average cost per person: CNY25-35
Address: at No.1 at Wuyouba Diaoyutai
Bus route: bus No.3, 13

Wanglaoba Restaurant
Recommended dish: Sichuan Cuisine, rare mountain food
Average cost per person: CNY 30-40
Address: at No.108 first street of Niuhua Town

Wanghaoer Fishing Harbor
Recommended dish: Fish Hotpot
Address: at Wanghaoer Harbor in the middle section of Bingjiang Road, Shizhong District

Western-style Food Restaurant

Pattaya Western Food Restaurant
Recommended dish: beefsteak, fruit wine, cost-free lemonade
Business Hours: from lunch time until 2:00am
Average cost per person: CNY40-50
Address: at No.10 building on Mishuiyuan Walking Street

Recommended dish: Chicken Roulade, Ice Black Tea, corn soup, sandwich
Average cost per person: CNY20-30
Address: at the doorway of Yutangjie Park, Shizhong District

Han Mei Wei (Korean Dainty)
Recommended dish: Korean traditional kimchi, stir-fry rice cake, pork belly
Average cost per person: CNY 50-60
Address: at Wenxinyuan of Wanren Residential Community, Shizhong District

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Questions & Answers on Dining in Leshan
Asked by Arina from MALAYSIA | Dec. 21, 2017 02:26Reply
Where can I get halal food in Leshan?
Answers (1)
Answered by Amy from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 21, 2017 19:41

You can go to Halal Restaurant in 1251 Lingyuan Rd, Shizhong District, Laoleshan Halal Restaurant in 616 Tuanshan Street, Shizhong District, and LS Halal Restaurant near the north gate of the Buddha.
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