Leshan Nightlife

When you wander along the streets of Leshan City at night, you can see many people leisurely enjoying their evening after a busy day. Among nightlife activity, eating is always put first.

Dining in Leshan at night might be the first thing to do for tourists. Zhanggongqiao night fair located in Zhanggongqiao Street is a very popular place where you can eat local food including 'Hot-pot', (Xiongjiapo or Piaoxiang brand) 'Hot Spicy Spicy' (the same flavor as Hot-pot), 'Stone Potted Stewed Beef', and spicy shrimp and crab. Another well-known night fair in the city is close to Leshan Dock. When visitors arrive there, they will find numerous snacks to cater their appetite. Especially 'Dai Pai Dong' Restaurants located on Bailu Road in the city center, which attracts many visitors. There are many kinds of Dai Pai Dong food they can choose such as: Piaoxiang Hot Spicy Spicy' Chicken Soup in Bamboo; Pepper Fish,;Hot-pot Chicken with Taro Root and Griddle Cooked Spare Ribs.

Another kind of food at a night fair is Barbecue (BBQ) and is a favorite for visitors, and Leshan Barbecue is tastier compared to other places in Sichuan. There are many kinds of meat for barbequing and many well-known restaurants serve the barbecue in Leshan including:

Recommended dish: grilled fish, grilled short ribs, grilled beef, crisp sausage
Average cost per person: CNY 15-25
Address: downstairs of Huitong Mansion under the Old Bridge
Bus route: bus No.1, 12

Kaikai BBQ
Recommended dish: grilled fish, baked beef
Average cost per person: CNY 15-25
Address: on the right inside of Leshan City Gymnasium
Bus route: bus No. 9, 12

For those who do not like hot-pot and barbecue, they can sample an array of local snacks such as: Bean paste cake (Liang Gao) which is a type of steamed rice cake served cold in summer and it tastes very good especially when adding sago; edible ices powder which is made as a pair of glutinous rice balls in brown sugar soup - a good sweet snack; the third kind of snack is called Thin Pancake which is almost transparent in appearance, and when it is wrapped with radish, white sugar, sesame, fried beans, the taste is fantastic especially when dipped in sweet vinegar.

Also, there are many night bars, teahouses and cafes catering for tourist's different needs:


Leshan Pinwei Bar
Recommended drinks: coffee, alcohol
Address: Haitang Road

Jiazhou Xiangchen pub
Recommended drinks: espresso, fruit juice, many types of cocktail, many types of foreign alcohol, red wine
Address: at downstairs of Leading Restaurant, Fenghuang Road

Happy Hour Water Bar
Address: at No.86 Dongda Street

Grandmother's Meal Bar
Recommended dish: Chinese dishes, western-style food, coffee
Address: Haitang Road


U.B.C. Coffee (Leshan Shop)
Address: on the second floor of A section Building (in the first phase), Times Square

Louis Coffee
Recommended dish: Western-style food, coffee
Address: at No.150 Leading Group International Serviced Apartments, Shizhong District


Leshan Mingliu Tiandi Teahouse
Recommended food: tea, coffee, snacks
Address: Hongrui Restaurant, Jiaxing Road

Jingdian Shiguang Coffee & Teahouse
Recommended drinks: Coffee, fruit tea, cocktail, cold drinks
Address: Jiazhou Hotel, Shizhong District

- Last updated on Aug. 01, 2023 -
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