Mazu Nangan Airport

Nangan Airport covers an area of 38 hectares, including a terminal of 2,872 square meters (3,435 square yards) and a runway of 1,580 meters (1728 yards). It is equipped under 4C standard, and also serves as a heliport.

Nangan Airport Code: LZN


Nangan Airport is located in Nangan Village, Lianjiang County, Taiwan Province.



Nangan Airport has currently cooperated with UNI Air (B7).


Nangan Airport Flights Schedule

Nangan Airport has now opened 2 air routes to Taichung and Taipei. Here are the detailed flight information.
To/ From Frequency (weekly) Travel Time
Taichung Daily 1H05M
Taipei 2 on each day 50M

How to Travel between the Airport and the Nangan Village

Nangan Mountain Line: Nangan Airport - Meishi
Route Nangan Airport – 88 Tunnel – County Hospital – Juying Road – Qingtan’ao – Meishi
Operating Time 11:30
Traveling Time CNY 3.5
Ticket Price 23 minutes
Nangan Sea Line: Nangan Airport – Qingshui
Routes Nangan Airport – 88 Tunnel – County Hospital – Fo’aoling – Fuwo – Sanqiangbao – Qingshui
Operating Time 09:30, 10:30
Ticket Price CNY 3.5
Traveling Time  30 minutes

Famous Attractions in Mazu

 1: Matsu Liquor Factory
Founded in 1954 and expanded in 1970, Matsu Liquor Factory is located in Fuxing Village. With continuous updated equipment and liquid-making techniques, it is most famous for Daqu liquor, Kaoliang spirit and aged wines. There is a selling area and a display area in the factory. Display area exhibits various wine bottles of special models and collection value. For example, except the traditional model of Mazu wine, Mazu memorial wine in the shape of Mazu is also deeply loved. In the exhibition hall, the traditional wine making process is introduced, which is of great interest.

 2: Meizhou Mazu Temple
Meizhou Mazu Temple, respectfully known as Meizhou Temple, is located in the northeast of Gongxia Village, Meizhou Town, Xiuyu District, Putian City. It is the birthplace of Mazu Belief, the famous Taoist Temple, and the world Mazu cultural center. It was first built in the fourth year of emperor Yongxi of Song Dynasty (987 AD) to commemorate Mazu. At present, there are tens of thousands of Mazu temples in 45 countries and regions around the world, and more than 300 million people who believe in Mazu. Mazu Temple Fair refers to special festivals and major sacrificial activities which will be held on Mazu’s birthday, Mazu Ascension Day, and the Lantern Festival.

 3: Beihai Tunnel
As the most recommended battlefield landscape of Mazu, Beihai Tunnel is located in Ren’ai Village, Nangan Township. Though ordinary in the appearance, the whole tunnel is actually full of strange and mysterious atmosphere. The tunnel forms a well-shaped walkway, that is two longitudinal roads and two horizontal roads cross with each other. It is 18 meters (20 yards) in height, 10 meters (11 yards) in width, 700 meters (766 yards) in footpath, 640 meters (670 yards) in watercourse, 8 meters (9 yards) in water level at rising tide and 4 meters (4 yards) at falling tide. It can accommodate 120 boats thus known as the “underground wharf”. Going around the footpath takes about 30 minutes.

 4: Jinsha Settlement
Jinsha Settlement is the first large fishing village in Nangan in the early days with a fine beach. After hundreds of years of vicissitudes, it still retains the primitive buildings in the early days of Mazu, and attracts tourists by virtue of its quiet and mysterious atmosphere. At present, there are many old taverns, homestays and public toilets rebuilt from air-raid shelters. Jinsha is famous for its old wine. If you visit it, don’t forget to have a drink here.

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