New Taipei Travel Guide

New Taipei Facts

Chinese Name: 新北市 (xīn běi shì)
Population: 4,000,164
Area: 2,052.5667 square kilometers (792.5004 square miles)
Location: in the north of Taiwan Island, southeast China
Administrative Division: 29 districts
Area Code: 88602
Zip Code: 220
GDP (2019): CNY 694.6 billion (USD 100.7 billion)

A Hot Tourism Destination near Taipei

Located at the northernmost tip of Taiwan, New Taipei City is the largest city in Taiwan Island. It gently embraces Taipei City and is close to Keelung to the northeast, Yilan to the southeast and Taoyuan to the southwest. The city has a large population and attracts many immigrants from all over Taiwan. There are highly urbanized areas, as well as rural styles and natural mountains and rivers. The diversities in cityscapes, population composition and economic industries make New Taipei the epitome of Taiwan.

The beautiful natural scenery of New Taipei City and the humanistic style have made more and more backpackers fall in love with this beautiful land close to Taipei. Those who like a nostalgic railway journey can depart from Ruifang District and embark on the painted train of Pingxi Railway to visit Shifen Old Street and a cat village in Houtong. Jioufen offers a stunning night view. The peculiar geology and stones of Yeliu Geopark, especially the park’s landmark, a mushroom rock called the Queen’s Head, is very popular as well.

Top Attractions - Things to Do

 Yehliu Geopark: Located at Wanli District, it is a 1,860-yard-long (1,700-meter-long) headland. After thousands of years’ marine and wind erosion, a large number of strangely shaped rocks scatter there. Among them “Queen’s Head” is the landmark of the park, which is a 6.5-foot-high (2-meter-high) mushroom rock. The elegant and beautiful “queen” is a magical artwork of nature. In addition, strolling leisurely along the seaside and picking up shells and seafood on the beach are quite interesting things to do here.

Tamsui River
Tamsui River
Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf
Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf
 Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf: It is a modern floating wharf where you can take a ship to cruise the Tamsui River. You can also have a stroll along the boardwalk all the way into the sea. However, the best way to enjoy the water scenery is riding a bike. You can stop anywhere you like for sightseeing. The bike can be rent at the exit of Tamsui metro station. During the visit there, you should not miss a white big bridge named “Lover’s Bridge”. It is the best place to appreciate the sunset and date with your lovers.

 Tamsui Old Street: After visiting Tamsui River and Fisherman’s Wharf, you can come there to treat yourself. The street is famous for its delicious foods like fish balls, fish crisps, iron eggs, stuffed brown tofu, and plum juice. Grandma Iron Egg and Sea Breeze Restaurant on Jhongjheng Road attract a lot of people. In recent years, many antique and craft shops have opened, showing the customs of Tamsui.
Tamsui River Bridge
A Beautiful Bridge over Tamsui River
Night Market in New Taipei
Snacks Sold at Tamsui Old Street
 Jioufen: Jioufen is a small mountain town at Rueifang District of New Taipei. It used to be prosperous for its abundant gold mines. Nowadays, it turns into a hot travel destination for row upon row of old Japanese-style houses on the hillside. The narrow lanes, stone steps, red lanterns, and wooden buildings are inspirational for many films. Jishan Street is a snack street where many taro ball, meat ball, tofu pudding, and beef noodles shops as well as the earliest tea house of Jioufen are located. Shuqi Road is a long stone step road where lots of tea houses and coffee shops sit on both sides. Taiwan’s most ancient theater Shengping Theater is also nearby. If you want to stay overnight, numerous ocean view homestays are on Qingbian Road.

 Wulai Hot Spring: The water of the hot spring is so pure that people can drink directly. It also does good to your skin, hence called “Beautifying Soup”. The highest temperature of the water is up to 172℉ (78℃).

 Fort San Domingo: It is a British-style architecture first built in 1628 by Spanish, and became the office building of the Former British Consulate in 1867. It has deep foundations and thick walls to protect from shellfire. There is also an ancient cannon for military defense next to the building.

 Pinghsi Railway Line: This is a popular sightseeing rail line rather than a transport rail line. It has eight stations, and among them Jingtong, Pinghsi, Shihfen, and Houtong stations are worth visiting. Jingtong is famous for the old style ticket offices. You cannot miss Pinghsi Old Town and Pinghsi story sausages. Shihfen Waterfall and Sky Lantern Festival at Sky Lantern Square are also attractive. Houtong is a “cat village” where a lot of cats live and many souvenirs about cats are sold.

You can buy the ticket at Taipei Railway Station, Rueifang Station, or any stations along Pinghsi Line with the price of TWD 64 for getting on and off unlimitedly on that very day. The train departs every one hour and each station has a schedule for you to check.

How to Get to New Taipei

Neighbouring Taipei, it is very convenient to travel between Taipei and the city. You can fly to Taoyuan Airport, and then take the Airport Express to Taipei Railway Station. Then take the metro to New Taipei City.

Both high speed rail and non-high speed rail go through the city. The city has only one high speed railway station named Banciao Railway Station. You can come there quickly from Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, or Taichung. In addition, more than twenty railway stations lie in New Taipei, serving non-bullet trains, among which Banciao Station and Rueifang Station have larger passenger flow.
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You can also take long-distance bus to travel between New Taipei Banciao Passenger Transport Terminal and many other cities of Taiwan.

The urban transportation is also efficient that metros, city buses, taxis, and bicycles are all available.

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