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Ningbo metro system is planned to connect three areas of the city – Sanjiang, Zhenhai and Beilun. According to the expansion plan by 2025-2030, 8 subway lines will operate in the city: line 1, line 2 and line 3 are in operation, line 4 is under construction, and line 5, 6, 7 and 8 are planned to be built in a couple of years.

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Lines in Operation

 Line 1: Gaoqiao West - Xiapu
Length: 29mi (46km)
Station Number: 29
Route: Gaoqiao West – Gaoqiao – Liangzhu – Lugang – Xujiacao Changle – Wangchun Bridge – Zemin – Daqing Bridge – Ximenkou – Drum Tower – Dongmenkou (Tianyi Square) – Jiangxia Bridge East – North Zhoumeng Road – Sakura Park – Fuming Road – Century Avenue – North Haiyan Road – North Fuqing Road – Shengmo Road – South Donghuan Road – Qiuga – Wuxiang – Baozhuang – Wuga – Daqi – Songhuajiang Road – Zhonghe Road – Changjiang Road - Xiapu

 Line 2: Lishe International Airport - Qingshuipu
Length: 23mi (37km)
Station Number: 22
Route: Lishe International Airport – Lishe – Yinzhou Avenue – Shiqi – Textile City – Ouchi – Passenger Transport Center – South Liyuan Road – Yunxia Road – Ningbo Railway Station – City God Temple – Drum Tower – Waitan Bridge – Zhengda Road – Nijiayan – Yasaiyan – Datong Bridge – Kongpu – Lulin – Sanguantang – Ningbo University – Qingshuipu
 Note: The operating segment is the Phase One of the line, and the stations of Phase Two are under construction.

 Line 3: Datongqiao - Gaotangqiao
Length: 10mi (17km)
Station Number: 15
Route: Datongqiao – Zhongxing Bridge South – Minglou – Sports Center – Sakura Park – Children's Park – Choubi – North Qianhu Road – Jinyu Road – Middle Siming Road – Yinzhou District Government – Southern Central Business Center – Yinzhou General Coach Station – Juzhang Road – Gaotangqiao

 Line 4:
Length: 22mi (36km)
Station Number: 25
Route: Cicheng Town - Guanshanhe - Changxing Road - Olympic Sports Center - Hongtang Middle Road - Hongda Road - Zhuangqiao Railway Station - Lijiang Road - Shuangdong Road - Cuibaili - Daqing Bridge - Liuxi - Ningbo Railway Station - Xinning Bridge West - Xinning Bridge East - Baihe - Children's Park - Ailiu - Panhuo Road - Songjiang East Road - South Higher Education Park - Jinda South Road - Xiaoyangjiang - Dongqian Lake


Fare: The fare ranges from distance: for the first 0-4km (0-2.5mi), it costs CNY2; 4-8km (2.5-5mi), CNY3; 8-13km (5-8mi), CNY4, and 13-20km (8-12mi), CNY5. For each succeeding 9km (6mi), extra CNY1 is charged. The price of line 1 and line 2 is CNY2-6.

Single Journey Ticket Cost varying from dedicated trips.
Yong Cheng Tong (Transportation Smart Card) Supplying 5% off.
Flat Rate Pass One-day Pass CNY15 for unlimited rides within 24h
Three-day Pass CNY30 for unlimited rides within 72h
Monthly Pass CNY100 for 50 rides on metro and valid within a month

 Note: All passes are available at the Customer Service Center of any subway station.
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Lines under Construction

 Line 4: Dongqian Lake – Cicheng
Length: 22mi (36km)
Open Time: 2020
Dongqian Lake – Dongqian Lake Avenue – South Jinda Road – Southern Higher Education Zone – East Songjiang Road – South Ring Road – East Railway Station – Children’s Park – Baihe – Xingning Bridge East – Xingning Bridge West – Railway Station – Liuxi – Daqing Bridge – Cuibai – Shuandong Road – Lijiang Road – Zhuangqiao Railway Station – Hongda Road – Middle Hongtang Road – Olympic Sports Center – Jinshan Road – Changxing Road – Cicheng South - Cicheng
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Planned Lines

Line Length Terminals Main Stations
Line 5 (Loop Line) 23mi (37km) Buzheng – Lugang Shiqi, Yinzhou Avenue, Xiaying, Haiyan Road, Hi-tech Zone, Zhuangqiao
Line 6 32mi (52km) Gulin - Xinqi Jishigang, Wangchun, Tongtu Road, Jiangnan Road, Xiaogang
Line 7 19mi (31km) Northern Industrial Functional Zone – Yunlong Tianshui Jiayuan, Wantou, Jiangbei Central Area, Xiaying, Dongqian Lake
Line 8 This line is planned to stretch from the Yaojiang New Town in Jiangbei District to Xiaying in Yinzhou District.
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Questions & Answers on Ningbo Metro
Asked by Anwar from INDIA | May. 16, 2023 05:46Reply
How to reach Ningbo lishe international airport to ningbo university
And how much is it gonna be the ticket fair can i use my ningbo metro card and how much will be deductible from it ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gloria | May. 16, 2023 20:49

To arrive at Ningbo University Station, you can take Metro Line 2 from the airport and it takes CNY 6 and the duration is about 1 hour.
Asked by Ho kendi minarto from INDONESIA | Sep. 08, 2019 08:45Reply
I want go from Ningbo lishe international airport to nottingham university?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jack from UNITED KINGDOM | Sep. 09, 2019 18:55

Take Rail Transit Line 2 to Yinzhou Avenue station, and take bus 132 to the university station. It takes around 1 hour with CNY5.
Asked by nica from USA | Mar. 08, 2019 12:10Reply
Ningbo Lishe Airport to the city
Which alternative is best, time-wise and cost-wise, from Lishe Airport to Sofitel Hotel on Siming Middle Road, Yinzhou district:
(1) taxi
(2) Metro Line 2 --> Passenger Transport Center station, then taxi
(3) Airport Shuttle --> Passenger Transport Center station, then taxi (I assume shuttle is less frequent and slower than Metro Line 2, am I right?)
(3) Metro Line 2 --> Shiqi station, then taxi
Thank you so much?
Answers (1)
Answered by Brayden from UNITED KINGDOM | Mar. 11, 2019 23:11

Upon landing, you are suggested to take metro line 2 to get to Shiqi Station. It costs CNY 3/person. Then take a taxi to your hotel. The cab fare is around CNY20.
Asked by nica from USA | Mar. 05, 2019 19:15Reply
Ningbo Lishe Int'l Airport to hotel on Siming Middle Rd
What's the best way from Lishe Int'l Airport to Sofitel Ningbo Hotel on Siming Middle Rd? Didn't know about this page until now. Randomly selected the hotel. I hope it's easy to go places from the hotel. Thank you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Shawn from FINLAND | Mar. 07, 2019 18:50

Upon landing, take metro line 2 to Shiqi Station, Exit C. Then take public bus no.176 to Middle Siming Road Tiantong Road Crossing. Walk west around 250 meters to find your hotel.
Asked by Bobbie Cheung from PRC - H K | Nov. 22, 2018 09:50Reply
Please advise how long does it takes from Lishe Intl Airport to Changjiang Road Station including
transfer time in Drum Tower and please also advise the unit cost for the ticket.
Answers (2)
Answered by Nathan from FRANCE | Nov. 22, 2018 19:06

It may take about 1.5 hours from the airport to Changjiang Road metro station. The transfer time in Drum Tower metro station is about 5 - 10 minutes. The cost is CNY8 per person.
Answered by Bobbie from PRC H K | Nov. 23, 2018 05:11

Thanks! Nathan, the info is much helpful since I have to attend my grand niece's wedding at 6pm same day as I shall arrived at 2:30pm. And now I can easy to make decision to go by metro or taxi in case of flight delay.
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