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Changchun is located in the center of the Songliao Plain and has a semi-wet, monsoon type climate; therefore, temperatures vary much throughout the year. The four seasons here are clearly defined with spring being dry and windy; summer, short and cool; autumn, sunny and warm during the day but cold at night; the weather in winter is cold, with a permanent covering of snow.

Changchun Seasons & Travel Advice

The average annual temperature is about 4.8 degree centigrade. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of -17.2C and according to records, the lowest temperature of Changchun is -39.8C. The climate in July is the hottest with an average temperature of about 23C with the highest recorded temperature being 39.5C. Therefore the best times for you to explore the area is in either late summer or winter with the bi-annual Changchun China Film Festival held in late summer and the Changchun Jingyuetan Ice & Snow Festival held every winter.

As for clothing, heavy warm clothes are required to cope with the cold weather in early spring and winter. Almost to the early period of summer it is still advisable to wear long-sleeve clothing, subsequently, the lifespan of short-sleeves is really short.

7-Day Changchun Weather Forecast


Averages for Changchun Weather

High/Low Temperatures of Changchun
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Changchun
Average Temperatures of Changchun
Average Temperatures Graph for Changchun
Humidity Graph of Changchun
Average Humidity Graph for Changchun
Average Rainfall of Changchun
Average Rainfall Graph for Changchun
Air Quality of Changchun
Average AQI(Air Quality Index) Graph for Changchun
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