Changchun Dining

Changchun is famous for its fertile soil and abundant resources with various delicacies providing rich sources for gourmet dining. What interest visitors most are the game dishes, as they are found in no other part of China, though Changchun dining still presents other cuisines of China. I can assure you that whenever you come to the city your mouth will water upon seeing the variety of foods and dishes available here.

 Here are several traditional dishes of Changchun: 
Changbai Zhen Yan (Changbai Banquet with Rare Products)
There are in total six dishes that make up Changbai Zhen Yan. All the ingredients are both natural and rare products of Changbai Mountain including ginseng, deer antler, bear's paw and snow toad and the adjective 'sumptuous' well describes the banquet. It will not only meet your eating desires but is also very good for your health.

Ginseng and Chicken Cooked with Maotai Wine
One distinctive characteristic of this dish is that it uses Maotai, famed Chinese liquor as one of its main ingredients. Just as its name implies, this dish mixes chicken, ginseng and Maotai together to present you a delicacy. The whole dish will appeal to you with eye catching color, beautiful shape and alluring aroma.

Braised Deer's Tail
Deer's tail is always a rare and precious cook meat. Braised Deer's Tail is honored as 'uniqueness of dishes' due to its flamboyant color and intoxicating aftertaste.

Ginseng Chicken
Ginseng is one of the three treasures of Dongbei (northeast of China) and valuable tonic produced only in Jilin Province. It is made from ginseng and a hen of less than one-year-old with the Ginseng being placed inside the hen that then lies in a soup, both attractive and nourishing.

Steamed White Fish
The Songhuajiang River is abundant in White Fish, called Bai Yu in Chinese. The meat of the White Fish is quite tender. So, many restaurants in Changchun provide the steamed White Fish. There are two ways of steaming: One is 'dry steaming' without soup; and the other is 'steaming with some soup'. The soup is full of the flavor of fish, which tastes very mild and delicious.

Hot Pot
Hot Pot originated from Sichuan Province, while Changchun people are also good at cooking it. The locals use pork, beef, lamb, seafood, vegetables, Frozen Beancurd and vermicelli as the main ingredients of the hot pot. When they eat the hot pot, they use sesame catsup and mustard and the like as seasonings.

 Recommended sits for enjoying the mentioned delicacies of Changchun:
Changchun Restaurant
Established in 1934, it is time-honored with more than 70 years' of experience. You can taste the most original Changbai Zhen Yan here.
Address: Chongqing Lu

Tianma Restaurant
It is famous for its dishes with a special Jilin flavor. Here you can enjoy Changbai Zhen Yan and other delicacies.
Address: Xinmin Dajie (west side of Changbaishan Hotel)

Besides those sumptuous banquets and valuable dishes, you can still find many good-flavor snacks, an essential part of Changchun dining culture. Usually enjoying snacks can allow you the opportunity to know a place and people there as well. Guilin Lu and Changqing Lu are two of the most famous snack streets which will make you never want to leave.

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