Top 8 Things to Do in Changchun

With rich forest, wetland, ice and snow resources, there are many leisure things to do in Changchun. In addition, since Changchun witnessed modern military clashes during the World War Two, tourists may learn some knowledge about the chaotic period and cherish peace by visiting historical sites such as the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo. Changchun is also the “Cradle of Chinese Movie Industry”, so one may also tour the movie theme park and film studio to immerse in the city’s artistic vibe.

Manchukuo (1932-1945) was the puppet regime of Japanese government in China, and this imperial palace in Changchun was where Puyi, the last emperor in China’s history and the so-called leader of Manchukuo, once lived. Now, his life is unfolded through well-preserved office building, living room as well as recreation areas such as racecourse and cinema. In the meanwhile, as the first recommended Changchun thing to do, this museum enables history lovers to know how Japanese government took control of northeastern China step by step, which was the prelude of the Sino-Japanese War (1931-1945). More details are displayed at the northeast exhibition hall.
Jingyuetan is a large reservoir encircled by vast forest. People may ride a bike or boat to enjoy peaceful water view, or go “forest bathing” to release all the strain and stress. Furthermore, this scenic area is an ideal destination for family trips as camping and picnicking are allowed. In addition, there is a Siberian Tiger Garden inside, and people could see Siberain tiger, African lion, brown bear, spotted deer, etc. Thanks to the low temperature in winter, a lot more Changchun activities can be experienced here, such as skiing, dog sledding, and snowmobiling.
Young people who do not know what to do in Changchun may consider this Movie Wonderland. IMAX movie, laser water curtain movie, full dome movie etc. are very popular for interesting plot and thrilling special effects. Also, one could be absorbed in acrobatic live show or comedy sketch. Diverse activities familiarize people with the shooting process of movie. By the way, as attractions are located in a circle, tourists may tour Movie Wonderland clockwise. Meanwhile, one could take photos with many creative buildings, such as the cinema in the shape of crystal, dilapidated castle, and erupting volcano.

South Lake Park (Nanhu Park)

There are many fun things to do in Changchun South Lake Park all year round. In spring, with birds chattering and butterflies hovering, people could go for a walk along the lake and enjoy the beautiful wild flowers. In summer, lush vegetation and large water area make it a place free from summer heat, and people may enjoy swimming or camping in a shady area. If one is going to visit it in autumn, he may take lovely photos against yellow and red leaves. South Lake Park in winter is much more worth seeing. Apart from the snow view, people may go skating, enjoy winter swimming, or have fun at the ice lantern show.

Changchun Film Studio  

As the first film studio of People’s Republic of China, Changchun Film Studio has produced a lot of influential movies. It also contributes a lot in introducing in and dubbing foreign movies. Now, this site is converted to a museum to let people know more about the filming process at the time. Visitors could see the props once used, watch how films are developed or how special effects are added. More interestingly, people may dub movie by themselves or experience making background sound effects. The statue of Chairman Mao and the Black and White Wall are nice places to take souvenir photos.

World Sculpture Park, Changchun

World Sculpture Park is recommended to art lovers. While wandering in the beautiful natural environment, people may feast your eyes on over 320 sculptures from 110 countries. The most impressive one is the group sculpture “Friendship, Peace, Spring” at the central zone. Then, one may appreciate not only the classical replicas of “Auguste Rodin” or “Michelangelo”, but also modern masterpieces from both China and abroad. In the northeast zone, there is a hall specially displaying carvings and paintings of African countries, which is very interesting. More sculptures, realistic or abstract, modern or postmodern, are all aesthetically inspirational, making visiting the park an eye-opening thing to do in Changchun. 

Red Leaf Valley (Hongyegu)

If you plan to visit Changchun in Sep. to Oct., why not go to the Red Leaf Valley, 130km (80mi) east of downtown, to enjoy the stunning autumn scenery? Due to the high latitude, long frost period and rich vegetation diversity, this valley has brighter red leaves than other places. Seen from a distance, a large area of red leaves are as splendid as the sunset glow, against which tourists could take lots of nice photos. Other than that, this valley is decorated with variously shaped rocks, clear stream and vibrant waterfall. Going hiking here is sure a relaxing thing to do in Changchun.

Beidahu Ski Resort

Skiing is undoubtedly the top thing to do in Changchun in winter. Whichever skier you are, amateur or pro, Beidahu Ski Resort will bring you a satisfying experience by virtue of smooth slope, soft snow and mild wind. Meanwhile, you could enjoy beautiful rime in a distance. What is more, there is an area specially designed for children, and they may have fun at the snow castle, snow slide, etc. Needless to say that at this well-developed ski resort, visitors are provided with many choices of hotels or restaurants. Having hot pot in the ice and snow world will also be an unforgettable part of your Changchun tour.
- Last updated on Dec. 24, 2020 -
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