China Embassy in Mongolia

 Visa Application Form of PRC 

Ambassador: Mr. Wang Xiaolong
Address: P.O. Box 672 Zaluuchuudyn Urgun Chuluu 5, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Tel: +976-11-320955, 323940, 311903
Fax: +976-11-311943

Consular Office
Tel: +976-11-320955, 323940, +976-99112578 (Mobile Phone)
Fax: +976-11-311943
Office Hours: 09:30-12:00, 16:00-17:00 (visa collection), Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

 Sections of Chinese Embassy in Mongolia

Sections Information
Political Counselor Yang Qingdong
Tel: +976-11-320955, 323940
+976-99119159 (Mobile Phone)
Fax: +976-11-311943
Economic & Commercial Counselor's Office Chief: Sun Weiren
Tel: +976-11-320955, 323940
+976-99112398 (Mobile Phone)
Fax: +976-11-311943/323987
Cultural Office Chief: Wei Hongsheng
Tel: +976-11-320955, 323940
Fax: +976-11-311943
Defense Attaché Office Chief: Bao Yuhai
Tel: +976-11-320955, 323940
Fax: +976-11-311943
Political office Chief: Zhang Yishi
Tel: +976-11-320955, 323940
Fax: +976-11-311943
Administrative Office Chief: Liu Li
Tel: +976-11-320955, 323940
Fax: +976-11-311943

Consular Authentication 
 Definition: Authentication refers to an activity that diplomatic, consular organizations or authorized agencies verify the reliability of notarial documents.

Purpose: Its purpose is that the notarial documents prepared and signed in a foreign country are recognized by another country and have the legal force.

 For notarial documents prepared in mainland that will be used in a foreign country
Chinese Agencies for Authentication:
1. Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires of the PRC;
2. Foreign Affaires Office in provinces, regions and cities authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affaires of the PRC;

 Procedures for Authentication:
If the notarial place of documents is in the jurisdiction areas of a consulate of the destination country, the documents can be directly verified by Foreign Affaires Office in provinces, regions and cities, and then confirmed by the foreign country's consulate. For example, you get a notarial document in Zhejiang Province and want to use it in Italy, you can follow the procedure. Note: Italy establishes a consulate general in Shanghai and its consular areas are Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui. 

 Please contact Embassy of Mongolia in China if Mongolians are in troubles there.

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