China Embassy in Morocco

 Visa Application Form of PRC

Ambassador: Mr. Gong Yuanxing
Address: 16, Charia Ahmed Balafrej-Souissi-Rabat, Morocco
Tel: +212-37754056
Fax: +212-37757519

Office Hours:
09:00- 11:30, Monday-Friday (March 15 - April 15, September 15 - October 15) 
09:00-11:30, Tuesday-Thursday (Except for March 15 - April 15, September 15 - October 15)

Sections of Chinese Embassy in Morocco

Sections Information
Cultural Office Chief: Qi Jianwei
Address: 100, Rue Jaafar Essadiq Appt 3R. Belvedere Agdal-Rabat
Tel: +212-37670286 
Economic & Commercial Office Chief: Counselor Wang Baoyi
Address: 2, Cadi Mekki El Bitaouri Souissi-Rabat
Tel: +2212-37754128, 37752718, 37754940
Fax: +212-37756966
Office Hours: 08:30-12:00, 14:30-17:00
Defense Attaché Office Chief: Sun Zhengzheng
Consular Office Tel: +212-37754056, 37754092
Office Hours:
09:00- 11:30, Monday-Friday (March 15 - April 15, September 15 - October 15) 
09:00-11:30, Tuesday-Thursday (Except for March 15 - April 15, September 15 - October 15)
Press Office Tel: +212-37659375

China Visa Application

How to apply a visa in your country?

 Brief Intro
Morocco is located in northwestern Africa, facing westward to the Atlantic Ocean and northward to the Mediterranean Sea. To its south is the controversial Western Sahara. It enjoys Mediterranean, mountain and desert climates from the north to the south region.
Land Area: about 459,000 square kilometers (177,221 square miles)
Capital: Rabat     
Time: It is the same as GMT and 8 hours later than Beijing Time. 
Official Language: Arabic (French is also widely spoken.)
Major Religions: Muslim, Christianism, Judaism  
Currency: Morocco franc, dirham

Regular holidays: Independence Manifesto (January 11), Labor Day (May 1), Anniversary of King Hassan's Accession (March 3), Youth Day (August 21), Anniversary of the Green March (November 6), Independence Day (November 18)
Islamic festivals: Islamic New Year, the beginning and end of Ramadan
(Around August, clerks in official departments and companies will be on holiday gradually.)

 Notices for Chinese Going to Morocco  
1. There are ordinary and official (service) visas available. Morocco embassy in China will first send visa applications back for checkup and then hand in to its National Security Counsel for the record. After that, the visa is sent back to China. 
2. Domestic currency of Morocco is not allowed to taken in and out of the country. Declaration of foreign currency is not necessary while entering the country, but necessary while leaving. There is no restriction on traveler's checks, bank notes, post checks and credit cards.

 Please contact Embassy of Morocco in China if Moroccans are in difficulties there. 

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Questions & Answers on China Embassy in Morocco
Asked by Hamid from MOROCCO | Dec. 11, 2019 07:06Reply
I got my visa cancelled in china,how long until am able to apply again
Hello there,
During my stay in china (on a business visa) I had some money problems so I had to work as a English teacher,then got caught,they took me to a police station and they did there procedures,then the immigration bureau cancelled my visa and gave me a 7 days exit visa to leave the country (that was the best scenario that can happened,thank you) my question is,how long until I can reapply for a new visa ?
Answers (2)
Answered by Susan from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 11, 2019 19:08

Hamid, as you worked illegally in China, you may not be able to get a China visa in recent five years.
Answered by Hamid from MOROCCO | Dec. 12, 2019 01:50

Any kind of visa ? Cuz I got a job offer,and want to know if it's sure the five years or not,so I can I apply for a working visa
Asked by koko from MOROCCO | Dec. 01, 2019 22:57Reply
I'm from morocco and i want to request for tourist visa , I'm still student , i want to know if there's a fees or not and what i will need as a papers
Answers (1)
Answered by Mandy from MOROCCO | Dec. 03, 2019 18:20

China visa is free for Moroccans. The required documents include your passport, application form & photo, and round-trip tickets and hotel bookings.
Asked by Abdelouahd from MOROCCO | Nov. 20, 2019 16:01Reply
Notarization of documents

I hope you are doing just great,

I have a question please: what are the requirements to get my university degree and non-criminal record notarized?

Best regards,
Answers (1)
Answered by Sally from MOROCCO | Nov. 20, 2019 19:05

First, you need to have your degree and non-criminal record notarized by a local notary public or the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Morocco. Then take the following documents to the Chinesee embassy for authentication, including application forms, passport and its copies, the original and copies of your degree and non-criminal record. It usually takes five working days for authentication.
Asked by Chaymae from MOROCCO | Oct. 15, 2019 04:35Reply
Teaching postion in china i need a business visa
Hello there im moroccan and i applied for a teaching position in china but i need to have a business visa and i really don't know the requirements and how much it cost can you tell me thank you
Answers (3)
Answered by Effie from MOROCCO | Oct. 16, 2019 19:11

Dear, if you want to teach in China, you should get a work visa instead of the business visa. The required documents include your passport, application form, recent photo, and a work permit obtained through your employer. You don't need to pay for China visa if applying from the Chinese embassy in Morocco.
Answered by Salma from MOROCCO | Nov. 02, 2019 07:51

Hello chaimae I’m from from Morocco too and I have applied too for English teacher please can I have your number phone I need some informations thank you
Answered by Salma from MOROCCO | Nov. 02, 2019 07:53

This is my phone number : 0777156218
Asked by Indira from MOROCCO | Sep. 27, 2019 14:42Reply
How much time does it take to process the visa application for China and get back the passport
Answers (1)
Answered by Kate | Sep. 28, 2019 19:58

Normally it takes four working days.
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