Dragon Boat Festival in Singapore

Singapore has a big population of Chinese migrants. So the main customs of Dragon Boat Festival in Singapore are dragon boat races and eating Zongzi, just like in China. However, influenced by local culture, these customs have some unique features. 

Zongzi in Singapore

Combining Chinese and Malay food culture, there are many kinds of Zongzi in Singapore.

Nyonya Zongzi is a unique Zongzi for Dragon Boat Festival Singapore. Seasoned with Nyonya spices, glutinous rice, pork and melon sugar are then wrapped in pandan leaves and cooked. As for the more distinctive Nyonya Zongzi, people will use the butterfly bean flowers (blue flowers) to dye the glutinous rice, to distinguish it with traditional Zongzi in appearance.

As an island country, Singapore likes to add seafood such as shrimp and shellfish as the fillings of Zongzi. There is also sweet Zongzi, whose fillings can be red beans, and syrup or granulated sugar can be added when eating. In recent years, the new mini Zongzi that looks much more compact than the traditional sized ones is popular among young people.

Of course, restaurants in Singapore will basically prepare varied Zongzi to sell during the Dragon Boat Festival Singapore.

 10 Most Popular Zongzi in Singapore

 1. Fujian Meat Zongzi
Ingredients: fried glutinous rice with soy sauce, pork, dried mushrooms, chestnuts, and the leaves of indocalamus longiauritus

 2. Fujian Meat Zongzi with Salted Egg Yolks
Ingredients: salted egg yolks, other ingredients are the same as the Fujian Meat Zongzi

 3. X.O. Meat Zongzi (XO = extraordinary)
Ingredients: scallops, dried oysters, mushrooms, chestnuts, salted eggs, dried shrimps, pork, glutinous rice and the leaves of indocalamus longiauritus

 4. Spicy Dried Shrimp and Meat Zongzi
Ingredients: spices, peppers, dried shrimps, pork and glutinous rice

 5. Guangdong Beans Zongzi
Ingredients: streaky pork, mushrooms, salted eggs, peeled cowpeas or mung beans, chestnuts, glutinous rice

 6. Guangdong Wrapped and Steamed Zongzi
Ingredients: glutinous rice, chicken, duck, pork, dried oysters, mushrooms, streaky pork, salted egg yolks, chestnuts, dried shrimps and lard

 7. Hainan Pillow Zongzi
Ingredients: glutinous rice, dried oysters, pork, mushrooms, dried shrimps, small abalone, salted egg yolks, barbecued pork, bacon and so on

 8. Chaozhou Double Spell Zongzi
Ingredients: red bean paste and sweet glutinous rice for sweet ones; salted egg yolks, dried shrimps, mushrooms, sausages, chicken wings, lotus seeds, chestnuts and pork for salty ones

 9. Nyonya Meat Zongzi
Ingredients: glutinous rice, fried chicken or fried pork, melonand, Nyonya spices, dried shrimps, melon sugar, butterfly bean flowers and pandan leaves

 10. Alkaline Zongzi (Crystal Zongzi)
Ingredients: glutinous rice and alkaline water for traditional ones; glutinous rice, red bean puree, and alkaline water for new style

3 Most Famous Zongzi Shops in Singapore

 1. Kim Choo Kueh Chang
Address: 111 East Coast Road Singapore

 2. Hiong Kee Dumplings
Address: Hong Lim Market & Food Centre Singapore

 3. Daun Pandan Rice Dumpling
Address: Most malls have their branches

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Dragon Boat Races in Singapore

Dragon boat race is an indispensable event of Dragon Boat Festival Singapore. There are so many dragon boat clubs in the Lion City. Members are not limited to Chinese. When the festival is coming, the various dragon boat clubs often have their training. Nowadays, the dragon boat race has developed into a national sports competition in Singapore, and it is not only held during Dragon Boat Festival. During the race, the drummers play drums, the flags are flying, and the audiences cheer for their favorite dragon boat teams. The festival atmosphere is strong everywhere.

3 Best Places to See Dragon Boat Racing

 1. Bedok Reservoir
Dragon boat teams from all over the world participate in the annual Singapore Dragon Boat Race here. Each dragon boat team consists of 22 members. In this fierce competition, you will witness the wonderful scenes.

 2. Kallang River
On the weekends, you can watch the training of dragon boat clubs on the bank of the Kallang River. You can also take part in personally and try to paddle a boat. Nothing feels better than having a personal experience!

 3. DBS Marina Regatta
Water sports celebrations will be held in the Marina Bay, and exciting events should not be missed. In addition to the Dragon Boat Race, there are other games and events that will bring fun to you and your family.

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