Dragon Boat Festival in Canada - Top 10 Dragon Boat Races

How is the Dragon Boat Festival in Canada? The most important event for people there to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival is the dragon boat race, and the liveliest city are Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria, Lethbridge, etc. Of course, eating Zongzi would never be forgotten. There are also exhibitions of Chinese culture, such as perfume pouches, five-color strings, cutting paper, songs and dances. Up to now, people there have turned the Dragon Boat Festival into a carnival that combines dragon boating, music, art and food.

Top 10 Dragon Boat Races in Canada

1. Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival

 Time: Cancelled in 2020
 Place: Toronto Centre Island
Since the first Toronto Dragon Boat Festival was held in 1989, the Toronto Dragon Boat Festival is considered to be one of Toronto's greatest cultural events. Generally speaking, Toronto Dragon Boat Festival attracts more than 5,000 athletes to participate every year. In addition, local artists, hand-made artists, actors and performers participate in the festival. It also attracts tens of thousands of tourists to Toronto Centre Island to see the summer carnival. You can go out, take a walk with the crowds, cheer for the athletes and enjoy this different Dragon Boat Festival in Canada.

2. Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival

 Time: Cancelled in 2020
 Place: Mooney's Bay Park, Ottawa
It is North America's largest dragon boat festival. From the initial 25 teams to more than 200 teams today, it can be said as Ottawa's most attractive outdoor activity in summer. The Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival is not a simple dragon boat race, large-scale concerts and exhibitions are held during the event. In one word, Ottawa is definitely a good choice to enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival in Canada.

3. Vancouver Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival

 Time: Cancelled in 2020
 Place: On the shores of False Creek, Vancouver
In Canada, Vancouver is one of the places having greatest population of Chinese, hence Dragon Boat Festival there is also grand. At the beginning of June each year, if you see some people in the False Creek in Vancouver are drawing dragon boats, they are preparing for the upcoming Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival. It is an outdoor activity that locals love. You will not feel tedious when you arrive at the scene. Under the influence of fierce competition and enthusiastic audiences, you will definitely be in the excitement! Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival marks coming of passion summer!

4. Victoria Dragon Boat Festival

 Time: August 7 - 9, 2020
 Place: Inner Harbor, Victoria
The Victoria Dragon Boat Festival is the most popular entertainment gathering in local in the summer. You can not only see the exciting dragon boat race at the Victoria Inner Harbor, but also take part in unique local activities, like performances of local artists with family and friends. Before the official start of the competition, the organizers will also hold a ceremony to pray for safety of dragon boats and athletes.

5. The ATB Financial Lethbridge Rotary Dragon Boat Festival

 Time: Cancelled in 2020
 Place: Lethbridge, Alberta
The Lethbridge Dragon Boat Festival is sponsored by ATB Financial, a financial institution of the Alberta Government of Canada. Established by all rotary clubs in Lethbridge, it was with 17 teams in 2002, and now there are about 65 teams attending every year.

6. Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival

 Time: Cancelled in 2020
 Place: Peterborough Rowing Club, Thorpe Meadows, Peterborough
Dragon boat racing becomes more and more popular and is the most interesting water sport event in Peterborough. The Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival is held on June annually. More than 40 teams would participate in the 200m race and thousands of visitors will watch the game every year. In addition to exciting competitions, a variety of entertainment activities and food stalls are provided on the bank for all audiences.

7. The Regina Dragon Boat Festival

 Time: Cancelled in 2020
 Place: Regina's Mighty Shores
Regina Dragon Boat Festival was established in 1992. During the festival, the largest city park in North America, is full of people. A variety of cultural events show the strong atmosphere of Dragon Boat Festival in Canada. In addition to team competitions, the Confucius Institute of Regina University will also hold special events, such as painting palace lanterns, making lanterns, and setting up panels to introduce Chinese martial arts, Chinese ethnic minorities, Chinese folk customs, etc. Among the activities, the most popular one is the dryland dragon boat race.

8. Edmonton Color Paddle Dragon Boat Festival

 Time: August 14-16, 2020 ans submit to be changed or cancelled
 Place: Telford Lake, Edmonton
Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, has always been regarded as the “City of Celebrations”. The Edmonton Color Paddle Dragon Boat Festival is a large-scale event, with more than 1,000 paddlers participating in the competition each year, and the audience is over 10,000. However, it must say that the most eye-catching part of this festival, in fact, should be the colorful paddles. Different from other competitions, Edmonton Color Paddle Dragon Boat Festival allows family teams to participate with a small 10-person dragon boat, so that everyone can enjoy the game.

9. Calgary Dragon Boat Race & Festival

 Time: Cancelled in 2020 and Rescheduled to August 6 - 8, 2021
 Place: Glenmore Park, Calgary
The Calgary Dragon Boat Festival is Calgary's most attractive sports festival, with more than 1,850 participants and more than 4,000 audiences each year. It is a wonderful festival that combines sports and cultural experiences. In the Dragon Boat Race, the participating teams will take great advantage of their strengths and team spirit to win. You can go with your families and friends to experience exciting outdoor event at this Dragon Boat Festival in Canada.

10. Montreal Dragon Boat Challenge

 Time: Cancelled in 2020
 Place: Olympic bassin, Park Jean Drapeau
The Montreal Dragon Boat Challenge, hosted by H2oplayground and 22 Dragons Club, is held annually. Although its scale is not as big as the previous ones, it won’t let you disappointed. At the Montreal Dragon Boat Challenge, you will find many Chinese cultural elements in it.

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