Namtso Lake, Tibet

Sacred Lakes and Mt. Everest

SG20: 6 Days Tibet Tour of Lhasa - Namtso Heavenly Lake - Xulong Village - Shigatse - Dingri - Everest Base Camp - Shigatse - Lhasa
Day 1 Lhasa - Namtso Heavenly Lake
This 5 days tour will take you to explore the beautiful and mysterious Tibet. You will not only appreciate the amazing natural sceneries, such as the Namtso Heavenly Lake, Everest Base Camp, the Karola Glacier and the Yamdrok Yumtse Lake, but also learn about the different schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Today, we will set off from Lhasa (3,650m, 11,975ft) and drive northeast for around 288 kilometers (179 miles) to the Mt. Nyenchenthanglha (6,000m, 19,685ft), which takes nearly 5 hours on the way. Mt. Nyenchenthanglha, one of the main mountain on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, runs through central and eastern Tibet. It’s said to be the guardian deity of Tibet and is venerated by the followers of both the Yongzhong Religion and the Indian Buddhism. Afterwards, we will drive for another 2.5 hours to the Namtso Heavenly Lake (4,718m, 15,479ft), which is 126 kilometers (78 miles) west of the Mt. Nyenchenthanglha. In the folk songs and legends of the local shepherds and hunters, Mt. Nyenchenthanglha and Namtso Heavenly Lake are not only the most striking holy mountains and lakes in Tibet, but also lovers and couples who live and die together. On the way, we will cross the Nalagen Pass (5,190m, 17,028ft), which is the only way to the Namtso Heavenly Lake and a sacred place among Tibetans. Here, you can have a short rest and overlook the beautiful lake. After arrival, if weather permits, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset here. Tonight, you will stay nearby the Namtso Heavenly Lake.
Namtso Heavenly Lake
Namtso Heavenly Lake
Day 2 Namtso Heavenly Lake - Xulong Village
In the morning, you will visit the Namtso Heavenly Lake, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, the third largest saltwater lake in China and the highest saltwater lake in the world. It's also a holy place for pilgrims. Here, you will not only appreciate the spectacular natural scenery, but also find your inner peace. Here, the Shengxiang Heavenly Gate is a must-see spot. It's like an elephant and the space between the body and the nose is like a heavenly gate, very sacred.

In the afternoon, we will drive northwest for around 269 kilometers (167 miles), around 4 hours to the Selintso Lake (4,530m, 14,862ft), which is the largest lake in Tibet and the second largest saltwater lake in China. Selintso Lake is surrounded by dozens of lakes, and in the center of the lake, there is a small peninsula, which is very spectacular. In addition, the fertile grasslands and wetlands around also attract lots of wildlife. If lucky, you can see Tibetan antelopes, black-necked cranes, Tibetan foxes, wild yaks, and wild donkeys nearby. Tonight, you can stay in a local hostel in the Xulong Village nearby.
Day 3 Xulong Village - Shigatse
In the morning, you will still have some time to wander around the Selintso Lake. Then we will drive southwards for around 140 kilometers (87 miles) to the Cedonglacuo Lake, which takes an area of 4.1 square kilometers. After staying here for a while, we will continue to drive for around 246 kilometers (153 miles) to Shigatse (4,000m, 13,123ft), which takes around 4 hours on the way. Upon arrival, you can check into a local hotel and have a good rest. If you are energetic, you can have an exploration in Shigatse freely.
Day 4 Shigatse - Dingri - Everest Base Camp
Today's trip will start from the Tashilhunpo Monastery, which is the largest monastery in Shigatse. The Tashilhunpo Monastery, built in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), is the political center of Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism. Its architecture integrates the characteristics of traditional Tibetan architecture and Buddhism, showing the art of Tibetan Buddhism as well as the solemnity of Panchen Pagoda. After finishing the visit here, we will drive for about 5 hours to the Everest Base Camp (5,200m, 17,060ft), which is 287 kilometers (178 miles) southwest of Shigatse. Upon arrival, if weather permits, you can enjoy the sunset as well as the starry sky at night in the Everest Base Camp.
Mount Everest
Mt. Everest
Day 5 Everest Base Camp - Dingri - Shigatse
Today will be the highlight of this Tibet tour as you will head to the Everest Base Camp, which is 5,200 meters (17,060 feet) high above sea level and is one of the best places to see and photograph the highest point of the world, Mt. Everest. Here, you will also visit the Rongbu Temple, which is the highest temple in the world, belonging to the Mingma School of Tibetan Buddhism. Afterwards, we will drive back to Gyangtse and on the way, you will visit the Sakya Monastery, which is the main monastery of Sakya School of Tibetan Buddhism. Inside the temple, there are precious cultural relics, including pattra, Tripitaka, Mandala murals of the Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368) as well as some old porcelains. Tonight, you will stay in downtown Shigatse.
Day 6 Shigatse - Lhasa
Today, we will drive southeast for around 165 kilometers (103 miles) to the Karola Glacier, which is one of the three continental glaciers in Tibet and the eastern source of the Nianchu River. It is also the nearest glacier to the highway, only 300 meters (984 feet). After staying here for around 1 hour, we will continue to drive for around 1.5 hours to the Yamdrok Yumtse Lake, which is located on the south bank of the Yarlung Zangbo River and is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. Yamdrok Yumtse Lake means "jade Lake" in Tibetan. The Yamdrok Yumtse Lake, the largest inland lake in the northern foothills of the Mt. Himalayas, is 130 kilometers (81 miles) long from east to west, 70 kilometers (43 miles) wide from north to south, with a total shoreline of 250 kilometers (155 miles) and a total area of 638 square kilometers. The lake is 20-40 meters (66 - 132 feet) deep and the deepest is 60 meters (197 feet). After finishing the visit here, we will drive back to Lhasa, which is 108 kilometers (67 miles) away and takes around 2 hours on the way. Your 5 days Tibet tour will end here. Have a nice journey!
Yamdrok Yumtse Lake
Yamdrok Yumtse Lake
Tibetan people
Tibetan people
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