Cancer Horoscope in 2022

Overall Luck

It is a year with both good fortune and misfortune for people born with western astrology Cancer. They are likely to welcome a fruitful year in career and wealth, benefiting from their calm characteristics. They seldom behave impulsively. Instead, they only take actions after careful consideration and adjust the plans accordingly. So they always go closer and closer to their goals and achieve them one after another. Besides, they have superior psychological quality. Even in crisis, they can keep calm and use what they’ve learnt to get through. In spare time, they love reading and thinking, which help them know better what they want, set more goals, push forward and become better persons. In the aspect of love, it is not a lucky year because there is little chance to meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right, only some bad ones. In 2022, they’d better keep healthy living habits and study hard to avoid misfortune falling upon them. 


The Cancer Horoscope in 2022 says their career will go better and better. They attach great importance to their abilities. Even after graduating from school and start working, they keep learning new knowledge and skills and improving themselves. Maybe not very good at the new work at the beginning, they are modest and eager to learn and finally become professional. Additionally, they can devote themselves in what they are doing. So it’s no doubt their performance in workplace becomes better and better and get appreciated from leaders and workmates.

Love and Relationships

Cancer horoscope prediction in love is not good in 2022. They are not good at telling if the one is honest to them, just pursue him or her appearing to be nice to them follow the feelings. After dating for a while or even longer time, they might find out that person gets closer to them with purposes, not out of affection. However, it may be late at that time and they get hurt not only mentally but also financially, because they often pay the bills and buy expensive gifts for the one. So Cancers are advised to know the person well before starting the love relationship formally. 


Cancer wealth horoscope in 2022 is quite good. The good performance in work earns higher salary for them and greatly relieve their financial pressure, even help them accumulate some savings. What’s more, they are lucky in making additional incomes. They are likely to start investing in some projects following their friends and get satisfying returns. So in 2022, it’s very possible for them to live a worry free life and bring what they’ve been eager for home from the shopping malls. However, it’s wise to spare some savings aside instead of investing or sending them all, just in case of a hard year thereafter. 


Their body status may not be so good in 2022. In one respect, they often eat and drink too much. Long-time excessive intake of food may lead to fat body and cause related diseases like high blood pressure. Additionally, they lack exercise, which is also not good at maintaining healthy physical conditions. In the other respect, their mood seems to go up and down more often this year. They are likely to get angry more easily and argue with others even over trivial matters. After that, they feel dissatisfied about themselves and stay upset, which could cause bad body changes, too. To get rid of the low mood, they are advised to do exercise, which brings no harm but goodness to the body. 


According to Cancer horoscope in 2022, their academic performance is not very well, or even say bad. On one hand, their attitude towards study is not as serious as before. In the past, they devoted themselves to solve the problems they did not know and finished home works on time. However in this year, they are more likely to give up when stuck in unknown problems. On the other hand, they become lazy and do not like to think. If they cannot adjust their attitude and study hard, there is a great possibility that they won’t make any progress in school, or even experience continuous grades decline, which could lead to bad influence to their future life.
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Questions & Answers on Cancer Horoscope in 2022
Asked by Fathimath noorjahan from INDIA | Dec. 04, 2020 08:01Reply
Can i marry my love
I love a boy for last 8 years now my parents started looking groom for me am confused .what to do whether to say them or marry the person which parents show what should i do .if i marry my love doesi will be happy? In future ?or any money problems may arrive?he does not have job right now.does it correct time to say with parents s
What should i do
Answers (4)
Answered by Aaliyah | Dec. 06, 2020 19:53

You should have more confidence about the relationship. And trying to find ways to persuade your parents and obtain their understanding. Good luck!
Answered by Fathimath noorjahan | Dec. 18, 2020 08:41

Thank you aaliyah.pls pray for me .he is so slim so did my parents agree?
Answered by Lily | Dec. 20, 2020 19:03

The prediction shows that your parents would have a large chance to agree him. Don't worry.
Answered by Nicolai | Feb. 15, 2021 15:26

Hello Fathimath!

I just want to tell you something that is really, actually the only important thing about your life and that is to follow whatever feels right for you. You don't need any kind of blessing from anyone to follow your desire. It is your own life and you are not living it for your parents to do what they feel is right for you to do and or any other people and their approval. To me there shouldn't even be a question as to wether you can marry someone or not. It is your decision and your decision alone.

Asked by Shilpa sharma from INDIA | Sep. 24, 2020 12:28Reply
Is there any chance of me going to Abroad
I have tried 5 times my Ielts exam but somehow unable to crack the exam.
I ll be again giving my exam on 8th oct, will there be chances this time? That i ll crack it.
Also, please tell if I ever haVe a chance To settle in canada.
Answers (2)
Answered by Reagan | Sep. 29, 2020 23:41

Hi, just be confident. The prediction shows that the result of this time would be positive.
Answered by Shilpa Sharma | Sep. 30, 2020 04:32

Thank you so much for writing back.
Yes, I am confident. Please pray for me I succeed this time.
Asked by Lakshmipriya K R from INDIA | Aug. 25, 2020 12:01Reply
Is September 13 2020 is good for person born on June 21st 2001?
Is they are lucky in winning exams on September 13
Answers (2)
Answered by Anna | Aug. 27, 2020 00:43

Yes, if you prepare very well, it won't be difficult for you to pass the exam.
Answered by Jamellah | Jun. 26, 2021 20:29

Am a Leo am loved my Sign
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