Feng Shui Tips for Home

Feng Shui followers think a home with good Fengshui can bring good luck for people living in it while bad Feng Shui may cause bad effects. Then what does a home with good Feng Shui look like? In general, it should be airy, sunny and located on a relatively flat land. Avoid those in front of government buildings (especially police stations or military camps) or behind temples. Now, let us discuss the Fengshui of a home part by part based on its components.

Front Door

Do not set it right below a beam. Also, it is no good to see kitchen, bathroom or mirror once you open the front door. It is good to see red decorations, green plants, and classy paintings or calligraphies when opening it. Avoid arch-shaped front doors, which resemble tombstones.


An entryway should be medium in size, bright, clean and tidy. The ceiling should be high and do not use mirror, glass or dark color for ceiling. The light should be square or round, but not triangle. The wall should be flat, neither too dark nor too bright (bright in the upper part and dark in the lower part is OK). The floor is better if flat but not slippery; its color should be dark, or bright on center and dark on sides. Do not decorate it with sharp patterns.

Living Room

Avoid sharp corners, beams, and pillars in a living room. A sharp corner can be filled with a cabinet, a tall and luxuriant plant or fish bowl. Any beam should be covered. A side pillar can be covered with a book shelf or cabinet; a single pillar can be decorated with paintings or lights.

 Do not use a one and a half sofa set, or a round set plus a square set; put it against the wall that is not facing the front door. Avoid a diamond-shaped tea table; it should be lower than the sitter’s knee. The sofa and cabinets should be scattered high and low, neither all high nor all low. Hang a landscape painting or set a semicircle or elliptical furnishing over the low cabinet. It is auspicious to lay a carpet in front of the sofa.

Timber stairs are better than those of stone or metal, and should be located against the wall rather than in the center of the room. The space below the stairs is not suitable for dining room, kitchen or bedroom; cabinets or plants are OK.


A bedroom should be bright, airy and free from noise. The door should not face the bathroom or kitchen door. It is good to paint bedroom walls with soft colors; do not decorate them with glass, metal or marble; avoid knife, sword, memorial tablet and items reflecting lights; Buddha paintings and portraits are also not recommended for a bedroom. Ideally the bed should be a little higher than knee level and located in a south-north direction.  It is better for the head of a kid’s bed to point to east or southeast. Avoid having a beam, air-conditioner, pendent lamp, etc over the head of the bed. The lighting in the room should not be too bright.

Study Room

The door of a study room should not face a kitchen or bathroom. The furniture should be dark colored and dignified. Avoid a beam over writing desk; the desk is better to face a window without flagpole, wire pole, or chimney outside; also, the desk should not face or lean against the wall of the bathroom; it’s good to put some water-cultivated plants on the desk, like a lucky bamboo.


A kitchen should not face south, where food may deteriorate rapidly. Do not share a door with the washroom. Its floor should not be higher than that of other rooms at home. The stove should not face the bath room door, balcony, passage, sink or refrigerator. There should be a solid wall behind the stove and avoid having a window between the stove and kitchen ventilator. It is also no good to have a beam over the cooking bench. If there is spare space, it is good to put some plants in the kitchen.

Dining Room

It should be clean and elegant: simple and light colored walls, tasteful light, photos of food or flowers… Avoid a triangle or diamond dining table; round or square ones are OK. Also, try not to use marble or glass tables. Set the table in a place not facing the front door, toilet, or passage.

Bath Room

A bath room should be dry and airy. Use marble or granite ground tiles. Decorate it with white, black or blue colors. Avoid bath curtain that may cause static electricity.


As an important component of a home, the Feng shui of windows cannot be neglected. Avoid triangle windows or those with sharp corners. The good shaped ones are round, square, and vaulted. The round and vaulted ones are suitable for a bedroom, living room and entryway; square ones are good for the dining room and study room. If the window is facing a hospital, sharp corner or dirty stuff and the distance is quite short, cover the window with wooden blinds and do not open it frequently. If there are too many windows or the windows are too big, cover them with blinds or curtains.
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Questions & Answers on Feng Shui Tips for Home
Asked by Joa from SINGAPORE | Apr. 20, 2019 17:47Reply
My main door entrance can see directly to master bedroom if door is open fully
It has slight 30 degree angle from main door so it is not directly, but still all the way and not possible to place anything in between as all door to kitchen, bathroom, other bedroom on the right side and left side would be dining and living room. Any suggestion?
Answers (1)
Answered by Justin from CANADA | Apr. 22, 2019 00:26

Maybe you can hang a curtain or place a green plant.
Asked by Evelyn Brucal from PHILIPPINES | Mar. 08, 2019 08:11Reply
Where can i place our stair?
Pls help what location should i put our staircase..
Answers (1)
Answered by Sally from CANADA | Mar. 10, 2019 20:36

The staircase should be put along the wall and avoid to face the gate and in the center of the room.
Asked by Adriana from USA | Feb. 04, 2019 11:55Reply
My dinning room is in between front door and living room and is 3 step above the floor
what can be done to have harmony
Answers (1)
Answered by Amy from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 12, 2019 00:16

As I know, there is no obvious taboo and maybe you can make some decorations you like.
Asked by Meenu Bajaj from INDIA | Jan. 17, 2019 03:29Reply
My front door is north facing and is glass double door. I m planning to get it changed.
What should I do?
Answers (1)
Answered by Bill from MALAYSIA | Jan. 17, 2019 19:39

There is no taboo in Fengshui and maybe you can consult the decoration company.
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