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Fujian Province is located in the southeast coast of China. The weather is warm and humid all the year round. It is rich in historical sites and enchanting natural landscapes. The picturesque landscape of Mount Wuyi and Gulangyu Island, the brilliant local Hakka ethnic-group culture appeal deeply to the tourists, especially the Earth Towers in Yongding and Nanjing. Detailed information about Fujian Travel Guide

Gulangyu Island (25)

Thanks to the pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, Gulangyu Island is renowned for "the Garden on the Sea". The major landscapes include Sunglight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, Bright Moon Garden and Piano Museum.

Nanputuo Temple (8)

Nanputuo Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in Xiamen. There are four grand buildings on the north-south axis: Hall of Heavenly Kings, Main Hall, Dabei Hall and Sutra-Keeping Pavilion. The stone inscription in the temple is also a must-see spectacle.

Mount Wuyi (20)

Mount Wuyi was inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1999 because of its outstanding natural and cultural values. It is a wonderful destination for tourists to admire the charming scenery of mountain and water.

Earth Towers in Nanjing County (12)

Earth towers are a unique type of rural dwellings of the Hakkas in Fujian Province. The most famous earth towers in Nanjing County are the Tianluokeng Earth Towers Cluster and Yuchang Tower.

Earth Towers in Yongding County (39)

The earth towers are enclosed buildings, usually circular, square or semi-circular in shape. The buildings have 2 - 5 stories, where a family or clan can live.

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