Fujian Weather

As the region is located in the southeastern coast in China, Fujian has sub-tropical monsoon climate. In summer days, Fujian weather is very hot with rains brought by the monsoon from the sea. In winter, as the cold air is blocked by Mount Wuyi in the northwestern area, the region is warm but dry comparatively. The annual Fujian temperature is around 17~21℃ (63~70℉), and it is rich in rainfall except the winter. May to June are the plum rain months when the most rainfall occurs, and August to September are the typhoon season, which have the second most rainfall. There are many hills, so the vertical difference on climate is big.

Best Time to Visit Fujian

April to November is the peak time for tours in Fujian. You can have fun on beaches in summer, and see the colorful autumn leaves on mountains in fall. Although Fujian China weather in the early spring and winter is not so cold, there are fewer landscapes worth seeing during the time.

Annual Weather Facts of Major Cities

Fuzhou Weather Averages
  • High Temp: 31~34℃ (88~93℉)
  • Low Temp: 8~10℃ (46~50℉)
  • Humidity: 76%
  • Rainfall: 1,394 mm
3-Day Fuzhou Weather Forecast
Xiamen Weather Averages
  • High Temp: 30~32℃ (86~90℉)
  • Low Temp: 10~12℃ (50~54℉)
  • Humidity: 78%
  • Rainfall: 1,347 mm
3-Day Xiamen Weather Forecast


Fujian Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice


Spring (Mar - May)

The fluctuating temperature is the most noted feature of Fujian weather in spring. It also often rains lightly from March to April, during which spring chills may occur. Up to May, the 2-month long plum rain season begins, and it would be warmer in this condition. Fuzhou National Forest Park with peach blossoms and oriental cherry flowers, Gulangyu Island called Garden on Sea, Mount Wuyi with flowers and spring teas, and so on are great destinations for spring outings.

What to Wear: jacket, thin sweater, jeans, wind coat, sneakers, raingears…

Summer (Jun - Sep)

It is pretty hot in Fujian in summer days, as the average temperature hovers around 33℃ (91℉). Sometimes there are short but heavy thunderstorms and the typhoon comes frequently. It’s necessary to pay attention on Fujian weather forecast if traveling there in this season. To seek for a cool summer trip, Mount Wuyi, Taimu Mountain and Mt. Qingyuan may be the best choices. To play water and have a good time on beach, Gulangyu Island and Meizhou Island are visit-worthy for your reference.

What to Wear: T-shirt, short-sleeved sportswear, shorts, skirts, sun-proof clothes, raincoat, sunglasses…

Autumn (Oct - Nov)

Entering autumn, both the temperature and humidity decrease. The Fujian weather in October and November is clear and cool, which is pleasant to go on a trip. You can go for appreciating autumn leaves on Taimu Mountain, Mt. Wuyi, and Mt. Qingyuan, together with golden ripe rice fields and wild autumn flowers.

What to Wear: shirt, thin long-sleeved clothes, wind coat, thin sweater, jeans…

Winter (Dec - Feb)

Fujian weather in December with decreasing temperature declares that the winter comes. However, Fujian winter is quite mild, as the average temperature fluctuates around 6~10℃ (43~50℉). There are a few rains but no snow, and the low temperature below 0℃ (32℉) rarely occur. Folk and historical sites like Fujian Tulou and Sanfang Qixiang are more recommended for winter tours.

What to Wear: sweater, woolen overcoat, thick pants, hiking shoes…

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