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Burial Pit of Horses and Chariots in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty

Luoyang, Beijing, Xian, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Anyang and Kaifeng, have each been one of the seven ancient capitals of China at various points in its long history. Luoyang was the capital during thirteen dynasties so many ancient cultural relics remain there. These photos are of Burial Pits of Horses and Chariots, the Residential House of Xuan Zang and the Yongtai Temple. Xiaolangdi, the largest flood control and hydropower project on the Yellow River is also located in this ancient city. City Intro: Luoyang

  • Burial Pit of Horses and Chariots in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty
  • Two chariots drawn by six horses is one ritual in ancient times, which belongs to the privilege of kings in the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties
  • Xiaolangdi, the largest water-control and hydropower project on the Yellow River, with a total investment exceeding 40 billion yuan, is a multi-purpose project for flood control, irrigation and power generating.
  • A stone tablet inscribed with "Former Residence of Xuanzang" erected in the complex, Luoyang.
  • The statue of Xuanzang, an accomplished Buddhist monk in the Tang Dynasty who spent seventeen years journeying to the West to bring the scriptures from India, and then translated them into Chinese.
  • This stupa is believed to contain the remains of the famous Chinese Buddhist monk, Xuanzang.
  • This stone gateway, in front of the former residence of Xuanzong, shows people''s compliments to him.
  • Yongtai Temple
  • Bronze Statue of Maitreya
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