Qinghai Pictures

Named after Qinghai Lake, the largest inland saltwater lake in China, Qinghai Province is located in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in western China. As the fourth largest province in China, the province is the home of some 5 million Han, Tibetan, Tu, Hui, Salar and Mongolian minority ethnic groups. Visitors are fascinated by the vast Lake, unique cultures and folk traditions, the Ta'er Monastery (Kumbum Monastery) and more. Detailed information about Qinghai Travel Guide

Xining (127)

With a history of 2,000 years, Xining, the capital city of the province was a key point of the south branch of the Silk Road. Influenced by both Chinese, Hui and Tibetan cultures, Xining has unique cultural features and relics like the Ta'er Monastery and Dongguan Mosque. Xining's natural beauty is also breathtaking. The Qinghai Lake, snow covered mountains, icy peaks, deserts and vast pastures mesmerise its visitors.

Menyuan Hui Autonomous County (12)

Menyuan Hui Autonomous County is the largest production base of cole in the north of China. The cole flower blossoms in July, and Menyuan becomes a sea of yellow flowers.

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