Ultimate Guide to Yinchuan Bicycle Trip to Guyuan

 Time Needed: 9 Days
 Itinerary: Yinchuan - Yongning - Qingtongxia - Shikong - Zhongwei - Zhongning- Taoshan - Tongxin - Sanying - Guyuan 

The first day is an easy beginning by starting from Yinchuan. You will cycle about 25 kilometers to Yongning County along the No. 109 national road. Visit the Najiahu Great Mosque located about 1.5 kilometers west of Yongning. The Mosque is built of the traditional Chinese quadrangle structure constituted of Gate Tower, Worship Hall, Wing room and the Bath hall.

On the second day, continue cycling along the No. 109 national road towards south to Qingtongxia city, about 65 kilometers away from Yongning. You can pay a visit to the Yixiantian Valley scenery and Qingtongxia Bird Island.

On the third day, cycle south about 17km along the No. 109 national road to the famous cultural relics - the One Hundred and Eight Pagodas for a visit. Move forward about 42 kilometers to visit Shikong Temple to see the grottos and another 40km to Zhongweiyou're your time permits, you can go to Gaomiao Temple for a short view. 
On the fourth day, cycle about 22km to Shapotou along the edge of desert and view the ruins of Ming Great Wall. Shapotou Natural Reserve is a highly recommended place for visitors, which takes on both the comeliness of the southern watertown and the vigorousness of the western desert. The admission fee is CNY65.00 per person. Then cycle back to Shikong County, go across Yellow River Bridge and cycle to Zhongning.

On the fifth day, cycle to Taoshan via Changtoushan Farm along the No. 109 national road. Then cycle out of No. 109 national road and continue south to Tongxin along the provincial road. Visit Tongxin Mosque upon arrival. Stay overnight in Tongxin and have a good rest.

On the sixth day, cycle straight to Sanying via Qiying. The provincial road condition is good for cycling. En route, you will see the relics of the ancient castles. Stay overnight in Sanying and make preparation for the second day's visit to Xumi Mountain. 
The seventh day will be a reward for your hard work for you will move forward to Xumi Mountain to visit Xumi Mountain Grottoes. If you travel during tourism high season from April to October, you can take a minibus at the crossing in the north of the Sanying town. The ride takes 1 hour and the bus fare is about CNY5.00. During the low season, there will be no bus to Xumi Mountain and you will have to charter a car. The well-reserved 162 grottos including statute, colored drawing, wall painting and stone cave and so on will be waiting for your appreciation.

Tips: Since the location of Xumi Mountain Grottos is out-of-the-way and you need to climb the mountain, it is better to visit there in a fine day. Winter and rainy days will be difficult for traveling there.

Then cycle to Huoshizhai via Lijun. Visit the Yuntaishan Grottoes and enjoy the beautiful Danxia Landform in Huoshizhai. Head on to Xiji County and stay overnight there.

On the eighth day, cycle along the No. 309 national road to Guyuan. Stay overnight there and have a good rest. You can take a morning coach to Yinchuan the next day. Leave Yinchuan according to your schedule.

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