GF-GY01: Guiyang - Kaili - Guiyang

Day 1 Guiyang Golf Tour
Firstly, visit the Qingyan Ancient Town lying at the southern suburban area of Guiyang. The typical architecture of Ming and Qing dynasty are well-preserved in this town and you will find different folk custom in different ethnic minority village. It's a marvelous place to know the ancient culture of China. Then visit Yunshantun Old-Han Chinese Village and the Batik Museum on the way to Anshun City which holds many natural scenery and culture relics. Since Anshun is an important distribution center in the ancient China, it can be easily accessed by the tourists. After that you may drive to visit the Huangguoshu Waterfall, the largest waterfall in Asia. You will get a different view from diverse points and then drive back to Guiyang. Play your golf in Guiyang Golf Club to relax yourselves in the next day.
Huangguoshu Waterfall
Huangguoshu Waterfall
Minority people
Miao People, Kaili
Day 2 Guiyang - Kaili
It needs 2 hours drive through the freeway from Guiyang to Kaili. Most tourists will visit the original flavor Sunday Market upon arrival. If you travel date just meet the Sunday, it especially exceed in the scale. Then Visit a Long-skirt Miao Village. You will experience the Miao people's daily life by visiting the local families. There you will be deeply impressed by the local ethnic flavor. Meanwhile, you can appreciate the Miao people's typical architecture - Wooden Stilt House. It's mainly made up by three storey and each one has different purpose. The first floor is to feed animals and people usually live in the second floor. The food stuff is usually preserved in the third floor. You are also suggested to drive to visit the traditional way of paper-making. After that you just drive back to Guiyang.
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Guizhou Guiyang Golf Club

Guizhou Guiyang Golf Club is the only forest golf course on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It is surrounded by the Langchao Lake Reservoir, boasts the mild and average temperature. Especially, the unique karst topography, convenient transportation, attractive environment and considerate service have made it a popular golf resort.  
Located in Zhazuo Town, the club is 20 minutes' drive from the downtown of Guiyang if you go by the expressway. With a total area of over 494 acres, it is the only 36-hole international tournament standard golf course in Guizhou Province. Two enthralling 18-hole courses with different flavor are constructed on the typical Karst landform, which keep the most origin of the landscape.
With large bunkers, pools, odd stones and rare trees together, Guiyang Golf Club has become the world-class forest golf course in China. A full range of amenities like super deluxe clubhouse, grand dinning room, beauty salon, gym, swimming pool, tennis, sauna and fishing are all provided. 
The two-story 48-seat luxury golf practicing hall is available for playing at any time; the clubhouse is decorated with traditional Chinese wood carvings. The grand dinning room can house as many as 600 people having banquet together. There is also a long corridor along the Langchao Lake where you can appreciate relief sculptures on the pillars and admire the ancient African, Chinese and Greek cultures. What is more, the hotel is equipped with facilities of five-star standard, offering you high-quality services.
Address: Sanyuan, Zhazuo Town, Guiyang, Guizhou Province
Tel: 86-851-2351888
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