Guiyang City Tour

Famed for its beauty, on a tableland in the southwest of China, Guiyang boasts spectacular scenic spots and rich folklore. Its semitropical climate makes it delightful for sightseeing all year round. This tour takes you to the Qianling Park, Jiaxiu Tower, Fufeng Mountain and the Tianhe Pool.
DayOne Qianling Park - Jiaxiu Tower
Jiaxiu Tower
You can take bus No.1 from the railway station bus stop to Qianling Park. If by taxi, the fare from the city center is CNY10. Combining lush forest, pure fountains, ancient temples, clear lake, and wild animals with Qianling Mountain, the park is one of the most attractive areas in Guiyang city. The admission fee is CNY5.

The park is named after the Qianling Mountain in the park. Built in early Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), the Hongfu Temple (entrance fee: CNY2) on Qianling Mountain is a group of ancient buildings with a main palace, halls, shrines and corridors. Climbing to the Wangzhu Pavilion on top of the mountain, you will get a panoramic view of the city. Alternatively, you can take the cable car (CNY15 for one way) to reach the mountain top. The Kylin Cave (admission fee: CNY5) is a karst cave filled with beautiful limestone which resembles kylin (a legendry auspicious animal in ancient times), hence the name. There is also a zoo in the park, where you can get close to wild monkeys.
After that, take bus No. 2 for seven stops to Posts and Telecommunications Mansion (You Dian Da Lou) and walk to Jiaxiu Tower (First Scholar's Tower), which has long been the landmark of Guiyang. With its unique construction style, Jiaxiu Tower has stood elegantly by Nanming River for over 400 years. The tower also houses many precious works of calligraphy, paintings and stone tablets. Standing on the tower, you will have a very good view of the river. When night falls, neon illuminates the tower. The tower is free to enter in daytime, but costs CNY2 at night.
DayTwo Yangming Temple - Tianhe Pool
Tianhe Pool
Take bus No. 302, 11, 606, 32, 44, 6, 64 or a taxi to Yangming Temple. The temple is located at the foot of Fufeng Hill in the east of the city. There are two more temples on the hill, Fufeng Temple and the Yidaozhen Temple. The Yangming Temple was built to commemorate Wang Yangming, a famous official of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). The other two temples were built in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911).

After lunch, take bus No. 64 from Yangming Temple for five stops to Xingyun Jiadiancheng, change to bus No.211 and get off after 20 stops at Tianhe Pool (Tian He Tan). The bus ride takes about 1.5 hours.
The clear pool is formed by the water of an underground river collecting in an immense sunken pit. It is surrounded on all sides by cliffs with lush trees. In the cliffs, there are two limestone caves. One is a water limestone cave and the other is a dry limestone cave. The admission fee for the scenic area is CNY10 per person. But we suggest you buy a through ticket (CNY50), which includes the cruise ticket in the water limestone cave and the entrance fee. We recommended that you follow the other visitors closely to avoid getting lost in the vast limestone cave.

Return to the city by bus No. 211, which leaves every 30 minutes.
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