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DayOne Guiyang - Xianghuoyan Valley
From Guiyang City, you can take the tourist bus from the Tourist Bus Station (opposite Qianling Park) to Xianghuoyan Valley. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours to reach the valley and costs CNY15 per person. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Guiyang Bus Station to Fenghe County (CNY10 per person), and then change to a local bus to the valley (CNY2). It takes 2 hours in total.
Xiaohuoyan Valley, literally "the valley of burning incense rock", is so named because in the center of the scenic area, a huge Buddha, a shrine for burning incense, is "carved" on a 500-meter high and 100-meter wide cliff, as if made by people. Actually, it was formed naturally. The valley boasts green mountains, rising peaks, grotesque rocks, waterfalls splashing over the rocks, and crystal clear springs going ding dong like bells. There are seven small scenic zones in the valley, among which the Xianghuoyan Waterfall cluster ranks first. The beauty of the valley is best appreciated by hiking in the scenic area. The 8-kilometer well-signed trail takes about 3 to 4 hours. Wear shoes that suitable for hiking. The admission fee is CNY58 per person. Restaurants that serve local dishes at reasonable price can be found in and near the valley, where you can have lunch after hiking. You will also have a chance to know more about the custom of the local Yi People.
Our destination for the next day is Nanjiang Canyon, which is only 6km from the valley. You can spend the night at the guesthouse in the valley or take a mini bus or taxi (about CNY10) to the canyon in the afternoon and check in at a hotel near the canyon. We recommend going to Canyon in the afternoon because the hospitable Banjiang Canyon Buyi and Miao people welcome guests with folk song and colorful dance performances in the evening.
DayTwo Nanjiang Canyon
Start your tour in Nanjiang Canyon in the early morning. The spectacular karst landscapes and various waterfall clusters offer amazing scene for the tourist. You can hike or take the sightseeing trolley around the area. The rock formation that appears above the surface of the surrounding land, which is almost 500 million years old, also has great value for scientific study. Because of the peculiar landform, Nanjiang Canyon is the best natural area for outdoor activities, such as river rafting and cliff climbing. Rafting is a thriving highlight of the canyon with an 8 kilometer trip costing about CNY168 per person. June to October is the best time for river rafting. Rich Selenium tea and food are famous local products which are available in the scenic area. The entrance fee of the canyon is CNY 88 from May to October, and CNY78 from November to April. The tourist bus back to Guilin City leaves from the canyon at 16:00 and costs CNY20 per person. If you miss the tourist bus, you can take the regular bus from Kaiyang County to Guiyang near the entrance of the canyon.
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Questions & Answers
Asked by Len Broberg from USA | Mar. 05, 2014 01:08Reply
Tourist Bus from Guiyang to Xianghouyan
What is the number of the bus? Is the same bus the one to take back after visiting Xianghouyan Valley to get to Qianling bus station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Susan | Mar. 05, 2014 19:17

There is no number of the bus, you may find it at the bus station upon arrival. The bus goes back to the bus station near Qianling Park on the same day.
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