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Changchun Hiking Tours

2 Days Changchun Tour

You can go on a city tour on the first day. The Imperial Palace of the Puppet Manchurian State is located at No. 5, North Guangfu Road in the northeast of Changchun.It is the palace in which the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty of China, Aisin Giorro Pu Yi, lived when he was the emperor of Puppet Manchurian State.The admission fee is CNY40 and you can take either No. 80 or No. 264 to reach it. After visiting the Imperial Palace of the Puppet Manchurian State, you may continue to visit Movie City. Movie City is a shooting base for movies which takes the movie art as its theme. From the Imperial Palace, first take the bus No. 275 and then change to take the light rail at Liaoning Road. The Culture Plaza in the city center is the largest square in Changchun. You can wander in the square and take a rest there. The Eight Departments of the Puppet Regime in Manchuria were the administrations of the Puppet Manchurian State and controlled from a special construction complex near the Xinmin Street.

On the second day, you can go to the Jingyue Pond Ski Resort and one entrance ticket will cost you CNY30. Located in the Jingyue Pond National Forest Park, it is 18 kilometers away from the city center. You can take a direct bus No. 120 from the Movie City, the Xinmin Square or the Century Square to the resort. You can join in such ice activities as sledding, horse riding and ice slope. If you visit in summer, it becomes a great summer destination.

Dunhua - Changbaishan Mountain - Yanji

You can take a train or coach to get to Dunhua from Changchun or Yanji. Yanji is the nearest city to Dunhua that has an airport. Find a local hotel to stay overnight and prepare for the tour on the following day. On the second day, you can visit Zhengjue Temple (entrance fee: CNY30.00) which is the largest Buddhist temple for women in Asia. It lies in the south of Dunhua and is about 4 kilometers away from the downtown area. You s take bus No. 8 to the temple then take

a coach from Dunhua for about 2.5 hours (180km) to the Jingbo Lake. You can stay in a hotel in the science area near the lake and on the next day; take a boat trip on the water. Visit the Rainbow Bridge, Maogong Hill and the Wooden House of Liushaoqi (Chinese Communist Leader from 1959 to 1966). View the big and small Gushan Mountain in the distance and enjoy the Diaoshuilou Waterfall. Take a coach for about 4.5 hours to Changbaishan Mountain and stay overnight at a local hotel. On the fourth day, visit the Changbaishan Heaven Lake formed by the eruption of a now dormant volcano. En route, visit the Little Heaven Lake, Underground Forest, Hot Spring Group and Changbaishan Waterfall. Take a coach for about 4 hours to Yanji and stay at a local hotel. On the last day, visit the man-made sheep and bear center, the Bear Paradise, which is 15 kilometers away from Yanji. Finally, leave Yanji according to your schedule.

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