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Shigatse Sightseeing

Tibet, as the most mysterious place in China, attracts thousands of people from all over the world for adventure. Its unique geographical environment has fashioned the unique snow land scenery. Tibet is well-known for its numerous temples. There are different styles of temple, and countless people from all directions come to visit these temples with a reverent heart. The following tour will introduce two of these temples for you, and enable you to feel the mystical Tibet culture.
Tashilhunpo Monastery, Shigatse
Gadan Choikorling Monastery is in Namling County, Shigatse prefecture, 1km from the county center . It is at about 3800 meters above sea level. The monastery was built by the third Lioing Buddha of Red Hat, and named Gegon Songrapling Monastery at first. As the main monastery of the Red Hat of Gegyu Sect, it was re-assigned to the Gelupa Sect during the reign of the 5th Dalai Lama and its name became Gadan Chiokorling Monastery from then on.
Since there are no public buses in this area, we suggest you rent a car to take you to the sites, which is more economical and convenient. On the first day, you can have a tour of the Gadan Choikorling Monastery.
Gyangtse Old Street
Then the next day, please take the car to the Rala Yongdruling Monastery, which is located at the foot of the Yula Gyalsang Mountain in Numa village of Nanling county in Shigatse. Surrounded by peach trees and other plants, this monastery enjoys a pleasant climate with a quiet environment, at 3750 meters above sea level. 90KM from Shigatse, the Rala Yongdruling Monastery is one of the four biggest Bon monasteries in Tibet. It was founded in the 7th century when the Tibet king Songtsan Gampo was in power, but in the 8th century, during the reign of King Langlarma, it was destroyed. In the earth-horse Year of 14th Rapchong in Tibetan Calendar, it was approved by the 19th Dalai Lama, the 8th Panchen Lama and the Prince Regerrt Danpal Gonpo to rebuild the monastery. Up to now, it has a history of 160 years.
The daily religious activities in this monastery are offering a sacrifice to the god, and expelling evil spirits, preaching, but the most important activity is sutra-debating. There are 65 shamans now. The sutra-debating activity takes place from January 7th to 15th, in April, on May 29 and in August of every year in Tibetan calendar. This will be a special experience for you.
Rala Yongdruling Monastery is 90 kilometers from Shigatse. If you would like to go to the monastery directly from Shigatse, you are advised to hire a van in the city. The transfer charge will be around CNY 300.00 net, or you may also rent a car with other people to reduce the cost, After getting through the Dazhuka ferry, then go north for 4 kilometers, to reach the final destination.
On the third day, you may choose to explore this area on your own or choose the same way to go back to Lhasa, and your tour will end here.
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