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As the first express inter-city train leaving from the new Beijing South Railway Station to Tianjin, the 'number one railway station' in Asia was opened to operate since August 1, 2008, after two year's reconstruction. The South Railway Station is situated outside the Yongdingmen Gate, by far the largest railway station in China, perhaps the entire Asia. It is the starting point of the inter-city rail communication between Beijing and Tianjin, connecting the Beijing-Shanghai express railway in the west. There is a combination of all means of city transportation, including common, express and suburb railways, subway, public bus and taxi.
Beijing South Railway Station

This superior modern railway station has open waiting areas, adopts solar energy. Passengers can make a transfer easily to bus, taxi, and subway without coming out. Basement 1 of the station's waiting hall is for change vehicles, parking cars and for passengers to get out of the station. Basement 2 and 3 are respectively associated with Subway Line 4 and 14. There are public bus stations and taxi stops in the south and north squares in front of the railway station.

 Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Train

There are 12 platforms mainly servicing the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Train in South Railway Station. Every day, there are over 50 pairs of high-speed trains running between Shanghai and Beijing from 07:00 to 23:30. The ticket fare for this high-speed train ranges from CNY555 to CNY1,750.

In order to fulfill the demands for the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Train, four large ticket special areas near the exit of the basement 1 are opened in South Railway Station. There are 70 ticket windows, among which 28 ticket windows are especially for the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train ticket.

There are four VIP waiting rooms for the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Train in South Railway Station. They are located separately beside the four ticket areas in waiting hall on the second floor. The VIP waiting room is equipped with facilities of bar counter, washing room, sofa, etc. It provides services for rest, TV programs, movies, internet and etc.
Self-service Tickets Machine
Self-service Tickets Machines
Ticket Office of Beijing South Railway Station
Ticket Office of South Railway Station
Tickets of trains inSouth Railway Station can be also bought in Beijing Railway Station and the West Railway Station. Aside from buying ticket from the ticket windows in Beijing South Railway Station, Passengers can also purchase the train ticket from the ticket selling machines in the train station. In South Railway Station, the service time of the newly added ticket window 5 and 6 is from 08:00 to 19:30 selling tickets for all the trains in South Railway Station. The service time of the ticket window 7 is from 05:30 to 23:00 selling tickets for Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Train, Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Train and Beijing-Shanghai Bullet Train. The ticket window 8 is designed to provide service for the ticket cancellation and it operates from 05:00 to 23:30. The ticket of the High-Speed Train holds the policy of Real-name Ticketing. As a foreign passenger, you can purchase the ticket with your valid passport, residence permit or immigration certification.

Bus Routes: Linxian (Temporary Line) of the new South Railway Station, 72, 529, 652, T5, T8, 540
Notes: Signs on many buses showing their destinations the South Railways Station, but usually they mean the old one. Make sure to take the right one. The Temporary Line runs from the old station to the south square of the new one.
Subway: Line 4
Waiting for the Train
Waiting for the Train
Entering the Ticket Gate
Entering the Ticket Gate