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Mongolia Tours

This is a wonderful, short trip that enables you to experience Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia and the famous national parks around it, Hustai National Park and Terelj National Park with the typical horse riding.
Travel date: July 10 - July 13
This travel will explore in depth the Mongolian culture and people by attending the famous Naadam Festival and observing the traditional activities such as Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse racing.
This tour gives you the chance to explore the beauty of Gobi desert. It is a rather big desert where you are able to experience nomadic lifestyle by taking part in activities like hiking, camel/horse riding, climbing sand dunes and meeting with nomadic families.
This trip offers an experience of exploring diverse landscapes and the nomadic culture of charming Mongolia, from the Terelj National Park in the north-east to the Khongor sand dunes in the south-west, with the highlights of Yolyn Am and Bayanzag. Gain insight into the lives and traditions of the nomadic Mongolians by taking horse and camel rides and climbing sand dunes.
Mongolia has much more to explore, we put together a trip for the best things to do. Each part of the areas has its own unique features to attract you. Encounter different geographic zones and appreciate the country's natural beauty, diversity, Buddhist and nomadic culture.