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TTH48: 11 Days Bangkok - Kanchanaburi - Ayutthaya - Sukhothai - Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai - Bangkok
Day 1 Arrival in Bangkok
Your Thailand independent tour will start with Bangkok. From Suvarnabhumi Airport to the suggested hotel U Sukhumvit Bangkok, you can hail a taxi on the first floor of airport, and the taxi ride might take you 30 minutes and cost THB 400. Besides, you need to pay another THB 50 as the airport service fee and THB 70 as a toll. The taxi on the second floor is not suggested, as it doesn't go by meter and makes you spend unnecessarily. After checking in and putting down the luggage, you can take a leisure walk around the surroundings.

Accommodation Suggestion: U Sukhumvit Bangkok (4 stars)
Day 2 Bangkok
Bridge Over the River Kwai
The first attraction of your independent Thailand tour is Wat Arun. You can walk southwards onto Sukhumvit Road and turn west to take BTS Sukhumvit Line at Nana Station; transfer to Silom Line at Siam and get off at Saphan Taksin Station to find the nearby Central Pier. Take a boat there to cruise along Chao Phraya River, the mother river of the Thailand. Then, get off at the N8 pier and take another boat across the river to visit Wat Arun. The Wat Arun, nicknamed as Thailand's Eiffel Tower, is the largest Buddhist relics Tower of the country.

After that, still take a boat to visit the Grand Palace on the other bank of the river. The Grand Palace is the largest royal palace in Thailand with exquisite decorations, sculptures, and paintings. It was built in 1782, which had been the royal residence of Thai king, but now it only serves as the place to hold some national ceremonies. Remember to take off your shoes before you enter into the palace. Inside the Grand Palace, there is the Wat Phra Kaew, which was regarded as a religious shrine to hold important events in old times.

After 1-2 hours' visit, you may go across the Thai Wang Road to visit Wat Pho, the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok. This building houses the largest Reclining Buddha, the most Buddha statues and pagodas in Thailand. On the pillars and walls inside the building, there are countless inscriptions about history, medicine, literature, and geography of the country. Thus, it is called "the first university in Thailand". You are suggested to travel for 1.5 hours here.

Then, take a TukTuk to the largest flower market in Bangkok - Pak Klong Talaat Flower Market. It is open all day and more boisterous at nights.

After today's Bangkok tour, you are suggested to take a taxi to your hotel.

1. Respect local customs and Buddhist rituals.
2. Do not point a finger at the king's portraits or talk about the king.
3. Do not dress up casually when visiting the temples.
Day 3 Bangkok - Kanchanaburi
Today, you are recommended to set out to the Kanchanaburi, Thailand's fourth largest province to the west of Bangkok. You can take a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal to reach it in around 2 hours. The bus operates from 5:00 am to 10:30 pm every 15 - 20 minutes and costs THB 70 - 99. Alternatively, take a minibus from the Century mall at a cost of THB 100.

In Kanchanaburi, you can rent a bicycle or motorcycle to visit the Death Railway and Bridge Over the River Kwai, both of which were built during the WWII by the Japanese. The Death Railway, also called Thai-Burma Railway, got this name because of the high death rate during the construction. The Bridge Over the River Kwai is the most vital part of the Death Railway.

Finally, you are suggested to walk westwards for 200 meters (220 yards) to your hotel.

Accommodation Suggestion: U Inchantree Kanchanaburi (4 stars)
Day 4 Kanchanaburi - Ayutthaya
Cruise on the Chao Phraya
The destination of your fourth day's Thailand backpacking itinerary is Ayutthaya, meaning "unbeatable" in Lao. You can charter a car from a local travel agency for a fare of THB 3,000 and spend 3.5 hours going there. If time permits, you can also visit the Erawan Waterfall on the way. The suggested accommodation in Ayutthaya is Krungsri River Hotel. Tonight, you may take a boat to cruise along Chao Phraya River and enjoy the night scene on the two banks.

At the end of the day, it is suggested you book the next day's bus ticket to Sukhothai via your hotel.

Accommodation Suggestion: Krungsri River Hotel (4 stars)
Day 5 Ayutthaya - Sukhothai
Today please take a TukTuk to the Ayutthaya Bus Station for your onward bus to Sukhothai, the capital of the first Thailand dynasty. After arriving, you can take a TukTuk to the recommended hotel Legendha Sukhothai. After check-in, you may rest or stroll around according to your personal preference.

Accommodation Suggestion: Legendha Sukhothai (4 stars)
Day 6 Sukhothai - Chiang Mai
Today, you can take a minibus to Sukhothai Historical Park to view the sites of the ancient capital city. You can acquire the introduction of each spots there by scanning QR code. Do not miss the Wat Mahathat in the central area of the park. It is the largest temple there, consisting of 12 Buddhist temples.

After returning back to the downtown, you can take a TukTuk to Sukhothai Bus Station and catch your onward bus to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is the second largest city of the country, only after Bangkok, and is also the political, economical, and cultural center of the northern Thailand. The suggested BED Phrasingh Hotel is inside the Ancient City of Chiang Mai, about 3km (2mi) away from the bus station, so you can take a tuktuk to your hotel.

Accommodation Suggestion: BED Phrasingh Hotel (3 stars)
Day 7 Chiang Mai
Temple in Chiang Mai
Today is the seventh day of your independent Thailand tour. In the morning, you can take a TukTuk to visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, built to consecrate Buddha's relics. After that, return to the Chiang Mai Old City and spend a leisure afternoon wandering around. In the Old City, Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang, and Three Kings Monument are most popular sights. The Wat Phra Singh is the most prosperous and largest temple in Chiang Mai. Wat Chedi Luang's houses the largest Buddha relic's pagoda in the city. Three Kings Monument is the statues of three Thailand kings, who have made great contributions to Chiang Mai.

While visiting these temples, you can book the next day's tour to Elephant Nature Park at its office near the Tha Phae Gate of the Old City.

In the evening, you can take a tuktuk to the night market on ChangKhan Road. After that, reverse the trip back to the BED Phrasingh Hotel.
Day 8 Chiang Mai - Elephant Nature Park
Today, you will spend a whole day in the Elephant Nature Park, a welfare organization to give medical treatment to injured wild elephants. A car of the park will pick you up at the hotel and take you directly to the destination. After your arrival, the staff will take you to feed the elephant and give them a bathe. You can not only interact with elephant, but also be offered a meal at noon.
Day 9 Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai
Monks in Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai
Today you are suggested to leave for Chiang Rai. You can take a TukTuk to Arcade Bus Station and get on a bus to go there. Remember to tell the driver you want to get off at the Wat Rong Khun, famous for Buddhist pagodas with a snow-white appearance.

After visiting there, you can take a TukTuk to the suggested hotel Le Patta and check in. If time permits, you can hail a TukTuk to visit Wat Phra Kaeo, which houses an ancient metal Buddha statue with a history of over 700 years.

Accommodation Suggestion: Le Patta (4 stars)
Day 10 Chiang Rai - Golden Triangle - Bangkok
Today you are suggested to return to Bangkok. You can take a bus at Chiang Rai Bus Station to reach Chiang Saen in 1.5 hours. Then hail a minibus on the street to the Sop Ruak - the core area of Golden Triangle, which serves as the border area of Thailand, Burma and Laos. After traveling there, reverse the trip to Chiang Rai and fly to Bangkok, then take the airport shuttle bus to the hotel-Best Western Premier Amaranth Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. You are suggested to order the next day's airport-pickup service when you check in the hotel.

Accommodation Suggestion: Best Western Premier Amaranth Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok (5 stars)
Day 11 Leaving Bangkok
Your independent Thailand tour is coming to an end today. Remember to take your entire personal belongings to check out the hotel. Then take a free shuttle bus to the airport in 15 minutes. Have a good trip!
This trip can be customized to meet your individual needs!
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